Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Daily: The Beginning!

Oh December Daily! I tried you for a very short time last year and I never finished you! Maybe this year will be the year.

I've been Pinterest-ing lots of stuff to get ideas for the past month or so but even with all that guidence I keep expecting some sort of set directions on what you're supposed to do. I've come to the conclusion it's kind of whatever you want which leads me to feeling like this as I put it together...

I see lots of people doing their basic layouts so they just plug in their pictures and whatnot. I wanted to do that. I really did. I just could not figure out how to pick stuff out when I didn't even know what I was supposed to be showcasing for that day. So yes...I'm definitely just making it all up as I go along. I've made my own unofficial rules for myself to keep myself sane:
  •  Use your own handwriting dammit! You'll get it done a lot quicker if you're not fiddling with a typewriter.
  • Things do NOT have to be perfect. Getting it done happily is a lot better than hating the project and everyone around me.
  • I am not a professional scrapper in any sort of the way. I am not a designer. I am a regular person and it's okay to scrap like one. I do not have time to be all Martha Stewart about it. Lol.
  • Anything goes. Just get it done. 
Anyway, on to the pictures....(and in keeping with the keep-myself-sane way of life, they are not ideal pictures but I got them done so that's what counts. Haha!)

I love love love how the cover turned out. Little button tree! I'm so proud of you! (Also, took a lot longer than I care to admit to get the sizing/layout just right.)

I'm also in love with the title page. It's impossible to get a proper picture of because it's set on a clear page so you may have to use your imagination as to how it looks in person and without glare.

Next up: Intro/first page. The calendar is a printable from Stitch In Time. I'm going to write a little something each day.

These pages are all actually November because I just simply couldn't wait to decorate.

Here's the other side of the insert along with pictures of us decorating. I'm doing #30lists as well so throughout my album there will be lists!

The page on the left was inspired by Luna and a little story of the "Magic Christmas Star." We finished decorating the tree and she declares that it "needs a star on top!" What the heck? You're two and a half! How do you know it needs a star on top?! Lol. We didn't have a star which prompted a trip to Target. On the way she said we were getting a "Magic Christmas Star!" Hahaha. A day or two later when we were watching a Christmas episode of Paw Patrol I realized that's where she learned it from but it really threw us for a loop. Haha! It was super cute!

The right page is our Elf On the Shelf's letter from his first day of visiting! He brought breakfast from the North Pole. I'll include pictures of that later when I get prints made again.

The next page includes my list for Day #2 of listing. On the 4x6 wood insert I'm going to put a picture of some sort when I get it printed.

The other side of the 4x6 is Day #3's list and a 2x2 shaker page of all our new ornaments that we got for the year. There's one for the Columbus Zoo, the Oakland Zoo, Big Trees State Park, Rudolph (since she watched it for the first time this year), and a polar bear (because that's what Luna picked out.) I'm sure we have some other ornaments somewhere in the house. I try to pick up an ornament anytime we go somewhere neat so then we can remember all those fun times each Christmas.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't looked ahead to tomorrow's (12/4/14) listing prompt for #30lists do not scroll down!

On the other side of the shaker page I did my list for tomorrow. :)

If you've really been paying attention you'll realize I have no pictures from December in here yet. Lol. I've got some editing to do tonight and hopefully I'll print them and add them in tomorrow! I want to try to keep us because as soon as we leave for Ohio I probably won't be touching the rest of the month until January. Lol.

Hope you enjoyed looking! If you're doing December Daily as well leave a link so I can check out your pages!
-Mrs. 246