Friday, November 15, 2013

A Blessing For a Friend...

A Blessing For A Friend

I came across this "blessing" online a week or so ago. The site didn't credit where it came from (if you know, let me know!) I think it popped out at me for a reason because when I sat down to make a card for a internet friend going through some rough times, I was at a loss on what to put on the card until I remembered this little poem. I think it was the perfect sentiment.

Hope you're all well. I've been quite busy orienting in this new job and it's hard adjusting. Just thought I'd stop in to share a little something I've been up to.

-Mrs. 246

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Day in the Life!

Day in the Life 11.9.13

After my last post, I just couldn't wait to finish putting this page together! Ever since I got started in this whole Project Life business I would browse blogs and pages and occasionally would see mention of "A Day in the Life" - a lovely idea from Ali Edwards in the blogging/scrapbooking world.

It's another idea of something to scrapbook. You tote your camera around all day and take pictures of the "everyday." You don't have to do something special on the "Day in the Life," the whole idea is for years from now to look back and see how life and your routine really was at a particular point in time.

Day in the Life 11.9.13

I had so many pictures that I didn't really add much text (other than the times) but it's still lovely! I thought about adding in another insert of just text for the day but honestly, I probably won't. Most pictures are self explanatory.

Day in the Life 11.9.13

I, of course, had to get Mr. 246 involved otherwise there would be no pictures of me at all in our scrapbooks. So there were a couple times I had to say, "Hey, come take my picture of me doing this really mundane thing!" and it felt a bit silly but I am happy to be included.

Here's the back page:
Day in the Life 11.9.13

Yes, I already broke out the Christmas decorations. I just couldn't help it. I am excited! As a kid I would literally listen to Christmas music all year round. I just love Christmas. Last year I kept our tree up until March/April because I had such a great Christmas season I never wanted it to end. (There may have been a slight bit of laziness in leaving the tree up, but not much, I swear!)

Day in the Life 11.9.13

I really enjoyed the whole process and I'm glad I have a record of this random Saturday in November, 2013. Years from now Luna can look through the scrapbooks and see what she was up to on a normal day. And I think that's really neat.

 I think I'll definately do this project again. Maybe make it a monthly thing? We'll see how busy I get. Haha. Thank you for stopping by!

-Mrs. 246

Monday, November 11, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness (Project Life Style!)

30 Days of Thankfulness (Front)

Occasionally I come across Project Life blogs and this will have these amazing 2x2inch insert pages and I am always jealous. I promptly put this set of the pages (they're actually coin collector pages!) on my Christmas Wish List but I gave in early and bought them myself. Ooops!

I just had to do something with them immediately and seeming as it's November now (can you believe it?!) I decided I would do "30 Days of Thankfulness." This isn't an online group or anything...just something I made up (although I wouldn't be surprised if there's already something like this going on).

30 Days of Thankfulness

I took my fall colored scrapbook paper, cut it into 2x2 inch squares, used my corner rounder and # stamps and voila! The pages have 40 slots combined and there's only 30 days in November so I used some awesome glitter* papers that I had found on clearance to fill in the extra spots.

I think it turned out pretty good! The glitter squares didn't photograph well but that's okay. I'm just excited for these 2x2 in pages! So many possibilities! Instagram pictures! Countdowns! A Day in the Life! 

[[Speaking of which...I may have already done my own "A Day in the Life" this past Saturday so expect to see some awesomeness from that soon.]]

I know we should all be working on gratitude all the time, but is anyone doing anything in particular to cultivate that sentiment this time of year?

-Mrs. 246

*I usually have a strict No Glitter policy for our household, but I had to relax a bit. A while ago I saw this post by Amanda Rose and I fell in love with the bit of glitter for a PL layout. So snazzy. I'm going to keep it to a minimum though since even this little bit of glitter drove me a bit made to work with. But it looks pretty!

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Season for Gratitude

I came across this video this morning and it was the perfect way to start my day. It came a the perfect time as well, with Thanksgiving getting everyone in the mood to be thankful. I've also been re-inspired by Lucy's most recent posts. I love how she can see beauty in things that I probably would have walked past without really seeing. It really inspires me to slow down and take it all in. If you have 10 minutes, I encourage you to watch this video. It is inspiring and breathtakingly gorgeous.

Also, in the spirit of thankfulness...I have a new project I'll be sharing soon so keep an eye out for it!

Happy Friday!
-Mrs. 246

Monday, November 4, 2013

Quarter Life Crisis?

Page 3-3

Ummm...hello? Is anyone still there?

Yes, I know....I've been gone quite some time -- and I left quite abruptly. I've been going through another quarter-life crisis I think.

It all kind of started in September...I was unhappy with my job. I left for another job - with lots of good benefits. This new job was quite a bit different though and after only a week (and lots of stress) I knew it wasn't going to be for me. So after a weekend of MUCH deliberation and many conversations with Mr. 246 we decided I would quit this new high-paying, awesome benefits job in search of something that would make me happier. (Something with less hours and less stress.) I've been job searching ever since. I was sad when I didn't get a second interview for Planned Parenthood. I'm happy I did receive an "on-call" position at a nursing home. I'm waiting for the background check to clear then I'll be starting orientation. I'm still looking for the right job. I'm being kind of picky - at least in the beginning, so I can find a job I like.

Alternatively, Mr. 246 is loving his job. And we've decided to have him go back to school in January to start working on his masters since he's found something that he really loves. This makes me very happy for him and he's really excited to go back to school (well, do school's an online program).

Things will work out for us. They always do. Once Mr. 246 is done with schooling it'll be my turn to make a change. I just have to figure out what I want to do with my life if it isn't nursing.

So...let's get back to some happy things! Here's a couple pictures from my most recent Project Life layouts.


Page 2-7

Page 1-8

Page 1-3

Page 3-5

Page 3-6

See? Things haven't been all bad here! I'm very grateful for all this time I've been spending with Luna. It makes me sad that it can't last.

Anyway, after this post I'm going to try to get back into the blogging swing of things. I've been up to a lot of stuff lately (especially crafting/Project Life) and I can't wait to share!

Hope you've all been well!

-Mrs. 246