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Welcome to Two-Forty-Six! I'm Alexandrea Wolfe, an obsessive craftaholic who would like nothing more than to celebrate every day with her family and get some crafting done while I'm at it. I enjoy working on my Project Life albums, crocheting, crafting, and attempting to organize my life. I love sharing what I'm doing with others and connecting with others who share my interests. Granted, I have to pay the bills though so I'm currently working part time as a Registered Nurse at a long-term care facility.

The name "Two-Forty-Six" comes from our apartment number. It's kind of my way of saying "anything goes" for this blog, whether it include family, marriage, crafting, or just a cute picture of our puppy -- it's all happening under the same roof.

So, you've met me. Here's the rest of the 246 crew:


Meet Ryan, Mr. 246. He's the most wonderful husband I could have asked for. Where I am quick tempered, crazy, and loud he is patient, calm, and quiet. He is my missing half and I'm happy to have found him. I like to think he brings out the best in me and I hope I bring out the best in him. We met at the University of Toledo. He graduated with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. He's currently going to school online for his MEd for Behavioral Analysis. By day he is working with young children with autism implementing early interventions as a Behavior Technician. In his free time he loves hanging out with the Bean and I, traveling/hiking, reading, playing video games, and Reddit-ing. (I include Reddit-ing as a hobby because he spends so much time on there. Haha.)

Beautiful Luna

Meet Luna, the most adorable, bright, little ball of sunshine you'll ever hope to meet. Current favorites include: tiny animal figurines, slides, running, counting to 18, storytime, reading, Twinkle Twinkle, talking to everyone she sees. She is the highlight of every day and I am so grateful and honored to help and watch her grow.

This is cozy.
Meet Boo Radley. I've had him since college where I decided (on a whim) that I needed to have a chihuahua. His hobbies include: licking your arms/legs, hating strangers and all visitors, taking up the whole bed, barking at delivery men, making have a houseguest unbearable, and peeing on everything we love. I love him more than anything though. I am grateful he gets along with Luna and he's the one I need to cuddle with when I'm in the most terrible of moods.


Meet Kittycat. She enjoys sleeping all day, having a ridiculous amount of fur, kicking Boo off of the windowsill, and thinking wishfully about being an outdoor cat.


Meet Harriet. Our newest addition to the family, Harriet is a fancy rat. She lives in Rat Manor, and loves eating treats and running on her wheel. She's quite friendly and we're currently working on making her more handling-friendly. Oh yes...she's also litterbox trained!


Super fun FTC disclaimer: Occasionally I will post or use an Amazon affiliate link. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I always loved to link to my favorite products so people could easily find them and once I found out I could get a little commission if someone else decided to buy it to, I figured why not? It's not much, but a "free" cup of coffee every now and then is nice. :)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! alexandreadunn@gmail.com

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