Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's here: Erin Condren Planner Unboxing!!


As a follow up to my last post....guess what came in the mail yesterday!! I came home to a note on the door stating that there wasn't just one, but two packages waiting for me in the apartment office.

I received the Thank You cards I ordered from Shutterfly and a lovely pink, green, and white box with all my Erin Condren goodies in it.

I wanted to document the "unboxing" and I thought Luna would just do her thing and hang out, but no. She thought this package was for her and wanted to be involved in every part of opening it. Hehe. It was cute and only slightly annoying at times, but mostly funny.

So, without further we go!

That's little Bean's pasty arm having no issue with sliding right in to help mommy open the box.

First thing out of the box:
A free sample pack of stickers I can put on little gifts or whatnot. How cute, right?

Then there was this...
A cute little postcard with a $10 off my next purchase on it. As you can see, I had to pry it away from curious little hands to get a picture. Haha. (I blurred out the coupon code, I didn't think it'd be very ethical to post it to the internet if it's only supposed to be for people who had ordered something.)

Then came the actual order! Weeeee!!! Now, I didn't get to enjoy the actual opening of the package because, as I said, Bean thought this was all for her...

Ta da!!! Shall we take a look? Here are some of the extras I ordered:
1. Some bands that you use to keep everything all nice and together. 2. A set of 6 extra fine fiber point pens (red, pink, orange, blue, green, purple) 3. A pen holder sticker thing that you attach to your planner so you can keep a pen attached.

As for the's smaller than I thought it would be. I thought it would be like a full size notebook but it's definitely not. It's awfully thick though (I'm not complaining!) so I think if it were full sized it would be quite a beast of a planner.

Here's the front:
I got the quote idea from the blog One Tough Mother. I ran across her blog as I was looking at a bunch of other people's planners online to get ideas.  She has a terrific tutorial right here where she explains how to make the quote sections using PicMonkey. (Which is what I did for mine.) All credit goes to her for that!

((Note to future Erin Condren buyers: Maybe it's just me and my computer, but I had a terrible time with the photo loader and layout portion of the EC website. It was extremely annoying to use and I almost gave up multiple times. I just wanted it to work and the time I spent putting together the planner cover/layout was ridiculous. If I buy another planner, I think I may give up on having photos and just use one of the pre-made layouts.))

Here's the back of the planner:
I love that top picture of the Bean. She's just so silly sometimes. In person you can read what the yellow quote says ( the right lighting). Perhaps it was a poor choice to use yellow with white writing. Oh well.

Now for the inside:
It has lovely laminated tabs and has wonderful quote pages here and there. (And also some motivating quotes on each monthly layout.

Here's what the weekly layout looks like:
Planner 12 
I love how it has each day divided into "morning," "day," and "night." There's a weekly goals section on the left hand side and also a little section at the bottom of each day that you can use for whatever. (I haven't decided yet! Maybe craft goals, maybe blog things...the choices are endless!)

Now for one of my favorite parts: STICKERS!

Some of these stickers came with the planner, some I paid extra (like the personalized stickers and photo stickers). 1. Little colored stickers that came with the planner and have things like "Birthday" on them to mark birthdays. 2. Some more labeled stickers with things like "Doctor's Appt" on them. 3. Personalized label stickers. I made some that say "Ryan's Day Off" or "Alex's Day Off," some personalized birthday stickers, ect. 4. Two sheets of blank stickers that go in a folder pocket. 5. Two sheets of colored blank stickers that are bound into the book. 6. My favorite: photo stickers! (Here again...the EC photo uploader is quite annoying.)

((Neat thing about the stickers: They are perfectly sized to fit within a day on the weekly planner or the monthly planner. Neat, huh?))

Here are some goodie areas in the back of the planner:
Planner 15
A folder pocket (double sided) where you can keep your extra stickers or receipts or whatnot. A ziplock type pocket (it's quite stronger than a ziplock, though) to keep stuff in. There were little "Let's Get Together" cards and personalized "To/From" stickers in there. The back laminated cover had a two year "look ahead" type calendar layout.

((Not pictured: There are also about 20 blank pages you can write notes and things on. As well as contacts and important #'s pages.))

Whew. That's a lot of pictures. So, there you have it! I can't wait to organize and write all my stuff down. I'll have to take some action pictures once I get started on it. 

Thanks for stopping by!
-Mrs. 246

Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Fancy Schmancy Planner is Coming!

Here's one good thing I've got going for me! My Erin Condren order shipped!! Yippeee!!!

I had no clue about Erin Condren products until about the beginning of August when my friend had posted a picture on Instagram of her and her new planner. Normally people do not do this...but apparently they do if it's an Erin Condren planner. It's fancy and schmancy and more expensive than I care to admit.

I have a fondness for planners and my favorite (which is kind of similiar to Erin's) is no longer in production. So, I searched high and low for a full week for a suitable planner (I really did not want to pay that much for a planner) but I did not find one that even compared. In the end, I splurged. I decided it would be my "back to work" present to myself. (Last year my "back to work" present to myself was a tablet so in comparison, it's quite cheap!) I even bought some fancy little extras.

I've already spent the money before this whole "My-Job-Sucks-And-I-Need-To-Get-Out-Of-It" thing began so what's done is done. At least I'll have something to keep myself organized with while I'm searching for a better fit. ((Good news: I've applied to about 7 different jobs between yesterday and today and I even have an interview already!!)) And thank you to those who left me such kind comments yesterday/today. I really really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. It really cheered me up, so thank you!

Anyways, I'll definitely be posting the unboxing ceremony of my box of Erin Condren goodness. Stay tuned!

-Mrs. 246

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A List to Make Me Feel Better

Inspired by #30lists 
 I'm still in a rut. I applied for a lot of jobs this afternoon but I still had that "ick" feeling all over me. I didn't know what to do with myself so I decided I'd make a happy list. I was inspired by all the listing madness going on with the ladies of #30lists. It makes me feel a bit better. (I do admit, I struggled...when I think pessimistically, it tends to hit me full force.)

I'm starting to get this whole "list" allure. I am a frequent maker of to-do lists, but I've never thought of lists as a way to organize memories and such. I think I may be a convert now. If you'd like to join September's list craziness, head on over here.

Hope you're all well!
-Mrs. 246

P.S. I'd like to add a #7 to that list: I'm reading The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Gobraith (aka J.K. Rowling) and I am absolutely loving it!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Don't Mind Me While I Complain...

“Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.” 
- J.M. Barrie

Confession time: I'd rather be doing something else. So's definitely work. I don't really talk about work a lot on my blog and for good reason: you aren't to mix your professional life with your online life. Well, I'm gonna touch on it for just a bit.

I've been a bit down lately which isn't why I haven't been blogging too much. This school year (I'm a school nurse) started off pretty good...crazy, but that's to be expected. Then the workload got worse. Then the work environment got sucky. I think my boss really doesn't like me and I'm swamped with paperwork and other things and there's no end in sight.

Let me tell you a secret: I really don't want to be a nurse. I'm alright at it, but I really think I'd like to be doing something else. When it came time in high school to pick a college and a major it was between pharmacy (which later turned into nursing) and art/design school. I went the practical route and chose pharmacy.

I regret it now but I'm kind of stuck. I'm the breadwinner, with a child, and nothing will pay what nursing pays. It really gets me down, especially when work isn't going well. I'm too young to feel this stuck.

I can't even begin to start making another attempt at work/career change because I have no idea what I do want to do. I really envy stay at home moms. I really do. And sometimes when I read all these blogs (about 90% of them seem like they're SAHM's) it makes me feel even more down.

So yea...I've been a bit in the dumps. I've been keeping busy in my evenings though! Playing with the Bean, hanging out with the husband, crocheting, Project Life-ing, watching Merlin. From 4pm through bedtime it's a really good life. :)

Complaining/vent over. I won't come back until I have a bit more cheer, okay? I just wanted to stop by and say I'm still here. :)

-Mrs. 246

Monday, August 19, 2013

Project Life Update! (End of July - Beginning of August)

Hi again! A while back I did my initial post on my Project Life, but I haven't shown you any more pages than the ones in that post's show and tell time!

((You can click on any picture to make it larger!))

The first page above is kind of just daily life. There's some journaling on the back of the photos. The second page is our trip to the county fair. Here's my favorite part from these pages:
The bottom of this one ^ is cut from Luna's very first painting. It didn't seem like it would keep well, so I cut a 3x4 in card of it and laminated it. Now I can have a little piece of it forever!

Here is some more day-to-day life. A couple days leading up to the wedding:

 My favorite part of these pages:
The pictures of Luna and the succulents - they just turned out so good! The little journaling card is from this journaling set of pocket page cards from Me&MyBigIdeas. (I LOVE their themed cards for pocket page things...only $4.99 at Michaels. The first time I got some they were 2 for $5 so I stocked up!) Most of the cards you see used are from the Pocket Pages collections. I just added some washi tape and a "Sunday" sticker from the original Project 365 and voila!

These ones are from the day before and the day of the wedding. I'm not doing a lot of Pocket Page/Project Life for the wedding since I'm planning on making a Shutterfly photo book as soon as I get our photographer's pictures back. More cards in here are from the Pocket Pages (except the green one which I believe is from SN@P books).

Here is Saturday (the day after the wedding) and Sunday while Ryan's family was still here. :)

 I don't plan on doing full pages for every day...but there was family in town and a lot going on so I did a page for each day during this time. I am going to do a couple pages of just the wedding and ceremony as well...just waiting on pictures.

((Reminder: You can click on any picture to make it larger!))

Here is the next Monday (we went to Lake Tahoe!) and then Wednesday. (There isn't a Tuesday since Luna and I stayed home and the rest went off to San Francisco for the day.)

My favorite part from these pages:

I love the little journal card from Pocket Pages (it's from this travel-themed pack) and I love the father daughter picture: Luna throwing her hands up, playing in the sand, Daddy sitting back, relaxing and drinking a beer.

Some pictures from the last night Ryan's family was here and then it was back to normal day-to-day life in the beginning of August.

 More of August life. A lot of the pictures also have journaling on the back. On this second page I started putting text on the pictures in the editor. (I use PicMonkey because it's easy and doesn't confuse's been a long time since I've taken that Photoshop class in college.) Originally I didn't really want to do this but I've been inspired by some other Project Life pages I've ran across on the internet lately.

 See how neat it is? I love the black and white one of Ryan and Boo.

Alright, last one! I started another page but it isn't finished yet. So you're left with this:

Whew! Alright...we're all caught up! I'll have to start updating the pages as I do them.

If anyone else has Project Life pages they've done recently, feel free to leave a link! I love seeing what other people are up to. It gives me so many ideas.

Hope you all had a tolerable Monday! Hehe.
-Mrs. 246

Friday, August 16, 2013

This Moment (#5)

A Friday ritual inspired by SouleMama. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment to pause, savour, and remember.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

30 Days of Lists!

Hey there! I've been MIA for a couple days but I've been busy with work and crafting, not wanting to take a blogging break, but I'm back! What have I been up to, you ask? Let me tell you about it!

I ran across "30 Days of Lists" on the internet and since I'm suddenly into paper-crafting type things lately I decided to join.

What is it? It's a site/group that you join that gives you a list prompt for every day for 30 days. You can make or group your lists in any way you please (digital, scrapbook, mini-books, ect) and there is a community aspect where you can share your lists and what you've created with other members of the 30 Days group through Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, or Twitter.

The creators "put on" the 30 days prompts twice a year. The next "session" is for September so members are revving up and getting their books and titles and everything set to start making lists for September. Past prompts having included things like "Weekly Rituals," "Least Favorite Words," or "Today I Saw..."

You can learn more by going to the site: 30 Days of Lists. 

If you'd like to see some other examples check out these boards on Pinterest or simply search for "#30lists" on Instagram.


How will I be making my #30 days lists? I have all the Project Life stuff so I'm going to incorporate mine into my PL book. I haven't decided whether I'll mix the lists within my September pictures and journaling or make a separate section for just the lists.

I'm trying not to buy anything additional for this project so I had a good look at my PL cards and decided I wanted something different. I had bought this 6x6 in mini pad of scrapbook papers on clearance last week (they're just so cheap and pretty!) so I decided I'd make cards out of that.

$1.97! Good, right? It's an "artist" themed pack so the colors are kind of paint themed and bright and colorful, which I love. I made a good mess on the dining room table cutting the pages up into 4x6 and 3x4 in cards:

 Then of course I sat there with my corner cutter and rounded all the corners. (I love how the rounded corners finished!) The most important part is to watching Merlin while you craft. (I'm on a Merlin kick! I'll be sad when it's over.)

Look at all the pretty papers! I made way more 4x6's so I could have them or cut them in half if I needed them to be 3x4.

I couldn't wait to get started so I made my "title" card for the project...

I love the mish-mashiness of it. Nothing I have for papercrafting matches much so it's good I like things mis-matched. (It's the Weasley in me, I'm sure.) I got all the letters from my surprise pack that I got from Luna's day care provider. There were a lot to choose from.

I've never done any online-crafting group other than Craftster so I'm kind of excited! I feel so comfy at Craftster it's like branching out into a different city or something to be crafting with other people.

So...expect lots of posts come September to show off my lists! And please do consider joining! Do I have any other list-lovers out there? Sometimes I even have lists for my lists. I've never considered them an "art" or activity like this before, though.

Hope you're all well!

-Mrs. 246

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Granny Square Toy Blanket!

So, during my cleaning spree last week I came across some granny squares I had put aside two or so  years ago. They were my first granny squares and I was going to make an epic blanket. Being my first granny squares and out of crochet practice, they were all a bit wonky.

I decided instead of throwing them away I needed to do something with them. I decided to sew them all together and make Luna a "play blanket" that she could carry around and/or tuck her stuffed animals into bed with.

Luna was napping as I did the finishing touches so I laid it out in the middle of the floor to see if she'd notice once she came into the living room.

This is the first thing she did:

She ran up to it, squatted/sat on it and pet it. Then she picked it up, toddled about the house, and showed daddy.

She is practically a blur in all my shots of her 'cause she's running around like crazy these days. (Oh, and do you like her shirt? She picked it out at Wal-Mart and is in love with it. I think it's adorable on her and the dinosaur looks Reptar from Rugrats.) I took the blanket and showed Luna how she could tuck in her animals. Here's "Frankie Bear" enjoying the first use:

So, a cute little toy blanket for Luna out of something I was going to throw out. Lovely!

Project Stats: 
  •  Measures: 24 inches x 20 inches
  • Yarn: Impeccable (After using this yarn I don't care for it much. It's kind of thick and not very soft. They do have a somewhat decent selection of colors for being a major store chain.)
  • Pattern: I don't recall the exact granny square pattern, but I found this instruction and it is pretty much the same thing. The border is two rows of double crochet - nothing special.
  • Joining: I usually join-as-you-go but since I had a bunch of squares I had my first delight of sewing them all together. I have realized I like join as you go a lot better, but I do like the look of sewing them together. I followed the instructions here from the blog Do You Mind if I Knit and it worked out beautifully. Mr. 246 likes how flat all the squares lay when you're done.
  • Extra: Since the granny squares were so wonky, the blanket was a bit wonky as well when all was said and done. I followed Lucy's instructions on steam blocking here (at the end of the post) and it ended up laying pretty flat. I love steaming certain projects afterward. I think it makes the whole blanket softer and more user-friendly. It's amazing!
  • Likeablity Factor: Would do again if I had more spare squares (ooo...a rhyme!). It was completely worth it once Luna was smiling and running around the house with it. 
That's about it! If you want to check out more crochet goodness, feel free to peruse my Crochet Board on Pinterest: Hooking Makes Me Happy.

Alright, I'm off to enjoy the evening. Thanks for stopping by!
-Mrs. 246

Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's a Crochet Murder Mystery!

Hello again...check out what I picked up at the bookstore tonight! Hooked on Murder: A Crochet Mystery. Hahahaha.

I don't really read mystery books. I haven't read one since my Nancy Drew days, but have you been to the "Mystery" section at the bookstores lately? I found myself in that section this evening and there is this huge sub-genre of crafty/hobby mystery books: knitting, crocheting, baking, books/reading. They all have hilarious names like Close Knit Killer (A Knitting Mystery) or Cookie Dough or Die (A Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery)

If you'd like to see more I found this list on GoodReads you can peruse!

I laughed all the way to the register. How silly and fun. I'll have to let you know how it is. It even includes a crochet pattern and a cake recipe at the end. I was hoping that the crochet pattern would be a the skull granny square like the cover but it's for a washcloth.

I only picked up one other thing at the bookstore:
Photo courtesy of
 The Autumn 2013 Artful Blogging magazine. In no way do I consider myself on their league. I don't take this blog very seriously, it's more of a hobby. These blogs in the magazine though....such eye-candy. So many pretty pictures and inspiring articles. Last Artful Blogging I read I found a bunch of new blogs for me to read. I'm sure this one will be the same.

Anyways, off to read and crochet for the evening! Maybe play some video games, maybe watch some more Merlin.

If anyone has read one of these crafty mystery books, I'd really like to hear about it. Hehe. It's just so silly I love it. Have a lovely Saturday night!

-Mrs. 246

Friday, August 9, 2013

This Moment (#4)

A Friday ritual inspired by SouleMama. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment to pause, savour and remember.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Amazing Bean!

I didn't make jam tonight. I think the combination of work and the afternoon lack of energy put me in quite a funk. Oh yea, and the letter from the county clerk saying our marriage license wasn't put through. It didn't say why, it just gave a #. I called and left a message but I knew it was probably too late to actually get a hold of someone. Sigh.

Mr. 246 did his best to ease my irritability: He made dinner. He made breakfast for me tomorrow. He made lunch for me tomorrow. He even cleaned up the kitchen when all was done. He really is the best, isn't he? I think marrying him again wouldn't be too shabby if I had to. ;)

The thing that brought my mood around though, was the little Bean. She is at that age where she is learning and doing SO MUCH. She's really turning into quite the little person. Here are some things she's done in the past couple of days:
  1. The other day we were getting ready to go to the store and she brought me my flip flops (from the front door to the bedroom) then nudged them at my feet.
  2. This evening she picked up one of Boo's toys (she knows the difference between his and her which amazes me), held it up, then kept calling out to him, "Puppo! Puppo!" trying to entice him to play with her.
  3. We got her new fridge magnets (animals!) and we had a couple in the living room. I tested her and said, "Luna, will you go put this on the fridge?" I didn't point or anything, but she understood! She took the magnet, walked into the kitchen and put it on the fridge! I figured she understood me before, but now we have proof!
  4. We had a bunch of books out before bed in the living room and we needed to get ready for bed and I handed her a book and asked her to put it back and she went over to the shelf and tried her hardest to put the book back. Then we worked out a deal where she would hand me the books off the floor and I'd put them back. Success!
  5. Oh yea...she will fetch toys like a dog now. The dog didn't want to play, but she was more than happy to frolic down the hallway to retrieve them.
Yea, so I'm being one of those mom's that just talks about their kid, but that's okay. I just find it amazing how much she knows at such a young age! I've never been around kids in my life so I don't really know much about them (I make a great school nurse, right?) so it's neat to witness all the different changes and how much they really know and understand.

Anyways, she changed my mood around so I decided for my crafting for the night I'd work on something for her to have now (I'm making her a Christmas blanket right now). I have a bunch of spare granny squares from my first attempt. They're a bit wonky and the colors are terrible, but I couldn't just throw them away. I'm sewing them together so she can have a little blanket for her stuffed animals. You just'll be adorable.

Anyways, I really must get to bed. This whole waking-up-for-work business is terrible. (Although I wake up at the same time, it feels so much earlier when you have to go somewhere.) What have your little ones been up to lately?

-Mrs. (maybe?) 246

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Strawberry Time!

Tuesday afternoon ritual: taking the Bean to the library and going to the Farmer's Market right next door. We bought 6 pints of delicious strawberries (for $12!) while we were there. I did my prep tonight (with some chopping help from Mr. 246) and we're going to make some strawberry jam tomorrow night. I hope my Christmas gift recipients like strawberry jam. Haha.

-Ms. 246

Monday, August 5, 2013

Holy Cleaning Spree!

I have a couple theories as to what may have caused it, but for the past two and a half days I have been on a major cleaning spree.

And not just "Oh, let me tidy up!" but "Nothing is safe! Everything must go! Purge!Purge!Purge! Whip this house into shape!"

It all started with quite a lucky gift I had received: When I picked Luna up from daycare I was talking with her daycare provider about a scrapbooking expo (she's practically a professional there such a thing?) and we got on the subject of scrapbooking and Project Life. Turns out she had some of the original Project Life things leftover from when she did her Project 365 and she gave them to me! How awesome! She didn't stop there...she asked me if I wanted some more supplies and explained that after companies send her samples and whatnot, whatever she doesn't use or doesn't want to keep, she boxes it all up into a flat rate box and sells it and she gave me one for free!

Let me tell you, it was like Christmas Day when I opened it. Check this out:

(Sorry for the cell phone picture!) So yes...then I had to find a place to put all of I started organizing my crafts. Ended up making two of my own "grab bag" boxes of random bits and bobs. I haven't decided exactly what to do with them.

I didn't stop at the crafts though...I ended up doing the entire shelving unit in the bedroom (with Ryan's help for his side). Can you tell whose side is whose?

I think it's funny: my side has crafting supplies and Harry Potter, his side has booze, books, and video games. (For the record, I read too, but my books are on the living room shelves.)

And, for the first time in over a year, our bed is centered and there is no extra stuff taking up space! (First it was the Pack-N-Play, then it was a huge mound of wedding stuff.)

Lately I've been feeling like our apartment is too small, but intellectually I know it isn't: we just have too much stuff. A bigger place isn't the solution, but a smarter, well-organized, well-trimmed place is.

Ryan was laughing at me yesterday as I went around cleaning and throwing (quite a bit) into donate boxes. For a while all I would say is "Nothing is safe! Everything must go!" I think Ryan thought I might get rid of him if he stood still too long.

So, the dining room, livingroom, and bedroom have all been thoroughly organized and cleaned. The rest of the house has just been cleaned. I still need to go through and organize and purge. But, let me tell you, it feels great. It looks great. And I am just frolicking about pretending we're newlyweds in a brand new place rather than the same place we've been for 3 years. that the wedding is done and the place is organized, it's time for Christmas crafting!!! I've got so many ideas for people but we'll get to that later. I also have some Halloween ideas as well. (Too bad I have that whole going-back-to-work-tomorrow thing going on, but I'm choosing to ignore that.)

Hope you've all been well!
-Mrs. 246

P.S. Is it weird that I posted pictures of our bedroom online? Hmm...I would have posted pictures of the other places but I didn't take any earlier and it's late with terrible lighting. I don't mind sharing. I find other people's homes fascinating. Sometimes we'll walk around the complex and if it's night, and people's shades are open, I try really hard not to, but I completely check out other people's apartments. It's neat to see what they've done with the same exact space. Gosh. I'm a creeper and I think I'm revealing too much. Pull your shades down, people. I can't help myself.

Friday, August 2, 2013


That's right! The wedding craziness is over. Out of town family has left. And I can finally have a life again. (Except I start work again next week, but we won't talk about that now...)

A week ago (7.26.2013) at this same exact time, we were having our ceremony. Everything went perfect for the ceremony and wedding.  All our friends and family really stepped it up in helping set up and tear down and we all had a very good weekend. I'll have to share some more wedding photos once our professional ones come back. (Two more weeks!)

The only almost-crisis was Luna...she had 103.5 degree fever the morning of the wedding and had been having high fevers off and on for the past couple of days. Luckily her fever broke during her pre-wedding ceremony nap and she's been good ever since.

I'll probably do another wedding post showing off our pictures (and the crafts of course!) but for now, I'll share our vows: (Oh yes...I started crying once I started reading the serious part. Pretty badly...I almost didn't finish them. I hardly ever cry and I know it was my wedding, but I cringe a little for crying so hard in front of so many people. Ugh. Silly emotions. Haha.

My vows for Ryan:

I promise to leave my half drank water cups all over the house.
I promise to leave all the cupboard doors open after I’ve looked for something.
I promise to Google every question I don’t know and to tell you about the weather forecast, even when you don’t care.
I vow to invent new goals for life that you are pretty much required to participate in.
I vow to say I love you every day and give you a kiss every night.
I vow to always try to make your morning coffee.

I vow to love you forever and ever and ever.
I vow to be the best parts of me that fit perfectly with the best parts of you.
Although I will be imperfect, I pledge to be sensitive and respectful of your unique talents, abilities and quirks.
I pledge to lend you strength for all of your dreams.
Through our union we can accomplish more than I could alone.
I believe in you.
Ryan's vows for me:

        I promise to put the new toilet paper on top of the old roll, never in its holder.
I promise to always wander about aimlessly when we’re trying to be productive.
I promise to buy new video games, even though I haven’t finished the old ones.
I vow to be your personal comedian complete with terrible puns.
I vow to keep you fed before you get hangry.
I vow to always try to fill your life with laughter, love, and light.

I vow to love you forever and ever and ever.
I vow to be the best parts of me that fit perfectly with the best parts of you.
Although I will be imperfect, I pledge to be sensitive and respectful of your unique talents, abilities and quirks.
I pledge to lend you strength for all of your dreams.
Through our union we can accomplish more than I could alone.
I believe in you.

 (For credit purposes, we found them online and changed the funny bits to fit the habits we have.)

Now it's time to work on my photo books, drink some hard cider, and enjoy our first relaxing weekend evening as newlyweds. Hope you've all been well.

Mrs. 246.

P.S. We got a Keurig. Now we're like all the other fancy grown ups!