Sunday, August 11, 2013

Granny Square Toy Blanket!

So, during my cleaning spree last week I came across some granny squares I had put aside two or so  years ago. They were my first granny squares and I was going to make an epic blanket. Being my first granny squares and out of crochet practice, they were all a bit wonky.

I decided instead of throwing them away I needed to do something with them. I decided to sew them all together and make Luna a "play blanket" that she could carry around and/or tuck her stuffed animals into bed with.

Luna was napping as I did the finishing touches so I laid it out in the middle of the floor to see if she'd notice once she came into the living room.

This is the first thing she did:

She ran up to it, squatted/sat on it and pet it. Then she picked it up, toddled about the house, and showed daddy.

She is practically a blur in all my shots of her 'cause she's running around like crazy these days. (Oh, and do you like her shirt? She picked it out at Wal-Mart and is in love with it. I think it's adorable on her and the dinosaur looks Reptar from Rugrats.) I took the blanket and showed Luna how she could tuck in her animals. Here's "Frankie Bear" enjoying the first use:

So, a cute little toy blanket for Luna out of something I was going to throw out. Lovely!

Project Stats: 
  •  Measures: 24 inches x 20 inches
  • Yarn: Impeccable (After using this yarn I don't care for it much. It's kind of thick and not very soft. They do have a somewhat decent selection of colors for being a major store chain.)
  • Pattern: I don't recall the exact granny square pattern, but I found this instruction and it is pretty much the same thing. The border is two rows of double crochet - nothing special.
  • Joining: I usually join-as-you-go but since I had a bunch of squares I had my first delight of sewing them all together. I have realized I like join as you go a lot better, but I do like the look of sewing them together. I followed the instructions here from the blog Do You Mind if I Knit and it worked out beautifully. Mr. 246 likes how flat all the squares lay when you're done.
  • Extra: Since the granny squares were so wonky, the blanket was a bit wonky as well when all was said and done. I followed Lucy's instructions on steam blocking here (at the end of the post) and it ended up laying pretty flat. I love steaming certain projects afterward. I think it makes the whole blanket softer and more user-friendly. It's amazing!
  • Likeablity Factor: Would do again if I had more spare squares (ooo...a rhyme!). It was completely worth it once Luna was smiling and running around the house with it. 
That's about it! If you want to check out more crochet goodness, feel free to peruse my Crochet Board on Pinterest: Hooking Makes Me Happy.

Alright, I'm off to enjoy the evening. Thanks for stopping by!
-Mrs. 246

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