Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Amazing Bean!

I didn't make jam tonight. I think the combination of work and the afternoon lack of energy put me in quite a funk. Oh yea, and the letter from the county clerk saying our marriage license wasn't put through. It didn't say why, it just gave a #. I called and left a message but I knew it was probably too late to actually get a hold of someone. Sigh.

Mr. 246 did his best to ease my irritability: He made dinner. He made breakfast for me tomorrow. He made lunch for me tomorrow. He even cleaned up the kitchen when all was done. He really is the best, isn't he? I think marrying him again wouldn't be too shabby if I had to. ;)

The thing that brought my mood around though, was the little Bean. She is at that age where she is learning and doing SO MUCH. She's really turning into quite the little person. Here are some things she's done in the past couple of days:
  1. The other day we were getting ready to go to the store and she brought me my flip flops (from the front door to the bedroom) then nudged them at my feet.
  2. This evening she picked up one of Boo's toys (she knows the difference between his and her which amazes me), held it up, then kept calling out to him, "Puppo! Puppo!" trying to entice him to play with her.
  3. We got her new fridge magnets (animals!) and we had a couple in the living room. I tested her and said, "Luna, will you go put this on the fridge?" I didn't point or anything, but she understood! She took the magnet, walked into the kitchen and put it on the fridge! I figured she understood me before, but now we have proof!
  4. We had a bunch of books out before bed in the living room and we needed to get ready for bed and I handed her a book and asked her to put it back and she went over to the shelf and tried her hardest to put the book back. Then we worked out a deal where she would hand me the books off the floor and I'd put them back. Success!
  5. Oh yea...she will fetch toys like a dog now. The dog didn't want to play, but she was more than happy to frolic down the hallway to retrieve them.
Yea, so I'm being one of those mom's that just talks about their kid, but that's okay. I just find it amazing how much she knows at such a young age! I've never been around kids in my life so I don't really know much about them (I make a great school nurse, right?) so it's neat to witness all the different changes and how much they really know and understand.

Anyways, she changed my mood around so I decided for my crafting for the night I'd work on something for her to have now (I'm making her a Christmas blanket right now). I have a bunch of spare granny squares from my first attempt. They're a bit wonky and the colors are terrible, but I couldn't just throw them away. I'm sewing them together so she can have a little blanket for her stuffed animals. You just'll be adorable.

Anyways, I really must get to bed. This whole waking-up-for-work business is terrible. (Although I wake up at the same time, it feels so much earlier when you have to go somewhere.) What have your little ones been up to lately?

-Mrs. (maybe?) 246


  1. My littlest one is at the same stage as Luna. She will throw her own diaper away now. Score!!