Sunday, January 27, 2013

Project 365: Week 4/52

Alrighty,'s this week's pictures:

20/365 (01.20.2013): Something Soft - Kind of a bad picture. And a cop out. This was one of those, okay, it's late and I haven't taken a picture of anything. Cats are soft. I'll take a picture of the cat.
20 of 365: Something Soft

21/365 (01.21.2013): Words - "Graco" This was Luna's first "big girl" stroller ride. Up until now she's been in the car seat snapped into the stroller.
21 of 365: Words

22/365 (01.22.2013): Action Shot -  "Hey, you guys are doing something? Lemme take a snapshot...I'm supposed to get an action shot today." Yea...another lame one.
22 of 365: Action Shot

23/365 (01.23.2013):Portrait - What a fancy man! His mustache is coming along nicely.
23 of 365: Portrait

24/365 (01.24.2013):Ingredients/Materials - Here's a couple of the rows of the quilt I'm working on. They're now sewn together!
24 of 365: Ingredients/Materials.

25/365 (01.25.2013): Landscape -  This may or may not be a crappy cell phone picture taken while driving then cropped and edited to meet today's criteria.
25 of 365: Landscape

26/365 (01.26.2013): Something Green - Regrowing some green onions from the grocery store. Why buy them when you can just regrow the same ones?
26 of 365: Something Green

The prompts for next week (thought up by Mr. 246):
A pattern
Still life
A stack of things
A collection
An outdoor animal
Black and White

I'm going to try to not be so lame, but it might happen anyway. Haha.
-Ms. 246

Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I decided to stop in and say hello and fill everyone in on what's been going on here lately:

Ryan and I played Cards Against Humanity last weekend. I love this game. The issue is that we have no friends so we have to invent fake players. Okay, they're not fake...we set up some of Luna's stuffed animals and pretend they're people. It's a bit like a 5-year-old's tea party except we're 25 and drinking alcohol. One thing I've learned....Those stuffed animals have dirty minds:

We had "Steak and Cake" at my parents' house for my mama's birthday. For a store bought cake, it was delicious. (I didn't have steak, I made myself some shrimp. Luna didn't have steak either. She got smooshed peas.)

I also took this picture of Mr. 246 while we were over there. We decided he looks like a giant midget or something. The proportions are just weird. Maybe something to do with the ceilings in the background?

We made some AMAZING flatbread pizza. Seriously, these were delicious. So good we decided that we're having these on Saturday night instead of take out.

I got my first letter from my pen pal! I immediately wrote one back and put it in the mail the next day. (It takes 3 stamps!) I even decided to write a letter to a friend back in Ohio. I think I might even write one to my brother soon. I just love the stamp she used. So fancy and European, haha:
2013-01-21 14.50.55

I made Luna's Valentine's Day hat! (I've since then added two more rows to make it a "slouchy" beanie, but I haven't taken a picture of that yet.)

Luna went on her first "big girl" stroller ride. Up until this point we had her in the car seat snapped into the stroller:
2013-01-21 14.35.17

Luna also continues to say "Nom nom nom!" when she's hungry:

For weigh-in today, I gained 1 pound. I figured I would. I only tracked food and stayed on goal for the past 2 days. The rest of the week I just ate what I wanted. I lost too much last week so instead of just eating a little bit more, I just ate what I wanted. Oh well. Totally worth it. Who says food can't buy happiness? (Spoken like a true fat girl.)
WW Weigh In #4

Last, but not least, I'm making progess on our new bedroom quilt. Here it is so far, Ryan's holding it up side ways. There's still about 12 or so more rows to add onto it for the top piece:

So yea...that's what we've been up to. We don't have any plans for the weekend, but I'm glad to be at home. I am having a slight urge to redecorate or reorganize something. We shall see! Have a good weekend.

-Ms. 246

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nom nom nom!


Ladies and gentlemen, it's official. Luna's first words happened: "Nom nom nom!" And she's not even seven months old. I always say "nom nom nom" while she's eating 'cause it's funny and she laughs. I guess she did it at Target today with Mr. 246 right before lunchtime, but we knew for sure they weren't just sounds tonight. She did it with purpose. Story time! Here's how it happened:

Luna was just sitting on her quilt on the floor, playing with toys and watching Boo Radley dance around. I decided to get a string cheese to eat. So, I'm standing near her and making Boo do tricks so he can have some (she loves watching Boo) and she looks at me while I'm in the middle of eating a couple bites and looks me straight in the eyes and says "Nom nom nom!" Then I take another bite and...."Nom nom nom!" And then she starts getting fussy and looking at me like, "Please, understand mommy!". We swoop her up, put her in her high chair and break out the green beans and she just starts going to town, super hungry.

So, yea...there you have it...Luna's first words. Not quite words, but she used them properly to get her meaning across. I always say "Nom nom nom" while she's eating and today she said them when she was hungry so we'd get her something to eat. I'm so excited. My heart grew a little bit today.

-Ms. 246

Monday, January 21, 2013

Luna and Mommy's Big Day Out


Isn't Luna cute? Just chillin' in the January sunshine in her new shopping cart cover. This is a big day for me. Ms. Luna is almost 7 months old and this is the first time I've taken her anywhere by myself. It's a little embarrassing, especially for a mother. We're supposed to be some sort of baby superheros. How did it get to this point do you ask? It's a combination of a couple of things:

  • Convenience: The first month after she was born, Ryan was home and I was recovering from a C-Section. Then I went back to work and Ryan was a stay at home dad. Usually Ryan and I like to do everything together so Luna was always included, but Ryan was with me. Or if I wanted to run somewhere real quick I'd just take myself. No point in packing up a baby if Ryan was home.
  • Fear: I've passed out my fair share of times. (Okay, only like 3-4 times, but I come very close from time to time.) We think it's because of my blood sugar. When I was still in the hospital with Luna I was breastfeeding in an armchair with her and I'm not sure if it was my sugar or the drugs, or what, but I almost passed out right then and hit the nurse button and prayed that they would get there to rescue Luna if I was gonna pass out and she would fall to the floor. They got her in time, I smashed some juice and everything was fine (well, after I stopped crying for 20 minutes 'cause it scared me so bad, I think the nurses thought I was crazy. They didn't know of my history of fainting). Who wants to take a small baby anywhere when there is a possibility of you passing out??? I would hate to even think of what would happen. I made sure I was well fed today.
  • Anxiety: About 2 summers ago I went through a super anxious period. I think I was really stressed about the terrible job I had at the time, but I'd have these horrible anxiety attacks and have to concentrate on my breathing and talk myself down, the whole she-bang. (I even quit drinking coffee which helped tremendously. Bring on the tea now!) A couple times I would go to the store by myself and I'd get super anxious and experience that good old familiar fainting feeling. I've been better since, but from time to time I will get anxious thinking "What if I get anxious?!" (Stupid, I know.) So yea, I kind of didn't want to take Luna anywhere 'cause I was scared I'd get anxious. Haha.
  • Possibly Embarrassment: Luna is a perfect child. She hardly ever fusses or cries and anything horrible that people complain about. But I build up scenarios in my mind where she is flipping out and I can't handle it and all sorts of people are watching and judging and all the while Luna is just wailing and I am a horrible mother. Of course, this never happens, but sometimes my imagination runs away with things like this. I better be prepared, I hear children embarrass you quite a bit once they're a bit older.
Today, however, was fine. No one passed out, no one got anxious, no one cried, we all survived. Maybe I'll have some more mommy and me shopping trips to give Mr. 246 a break. Maybe not. We miss him when he's not around. :) So yes, a monumental day indeed. It's somewhat embarrassing, but it's okay. I really just think the main reason is that I don't want to pass out anywhere with her around. Gah! How horrible would that be? I don't feel as bad about being home with her by myself though. I'm okay with that. I think it's because of the security factor. I'm sure some momma somewhere has gone through this as well so I won't be to hard on myself. I'm quite proud of myself for today however, though.

Anyway, pumping is done! Luna just woke up, and now it's time to play!
-Ms. 246

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project 365: Week 3/52

Another week! I'll do my confession right up front: I didn't take Day 18's picture. Mr. 246 did and it was the only picture that was taken that day. I kept saying, "Oh yea, I gotta take a picture before bed....I gotta take a picture before bed." Then I never did.

Plans for next week: I'm getting kind of bored of taking whatever picture for the day and decided to do more of a challenge. There are a couple (okay, more than a couple) lists floating around internet land that give you a prompt for the day and you interpret that in your own way for a picture. (For example, prompt is "icy" and you could take a picture of something icy, or cold, or maybe even an icy stare someone is giving you.) I was looking at some of the lists on Pinterest and Mr. 246 volunteered to make a list for me! So, here are my prompts for the next week: (I started yesterday, I couldn't wait!)

01.19.2013: A pair (I already took a picture of a "pair." See #19 below.)
01.20.2013: Something soft
01.21.2013: Words
01.22.2013: Action Shot
01.23.2013: Portrait
01.24.2013: Ingredients/Materials
01.25.2013: Landscape
01.26.2013: Something green
01.27.2013: A pattern

I'm already more excited about this week's picture taking. I've already got ideas floating in my head for what I'm going to do. Anyways, enough are my pictures for last week:

13/365 (01.13.2013)
13 of 365

14/365 (01.14.2013)
14 of 365

15/365 (01.15.2013)
15 of 365

16/365 (01.16.2013)
16 of 365

17/365 (01.17.2013)
17 of 365

18/365 (01.18.2013)
18 of 365

19/365 (01.19.2013) - "A Pair"
19 of 365

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Ass Song

Ryan says, "We're learning about body parts this week!" Here's the song he just made up for Luna:

The Ass Song
"An ass is a part of your body,
but your dad can be one too!
It's also a name for a donkey,
but not a name for you!"

Well, there you have it. Come back next week when we'll be learning "The Booby Song." Woo! Or maybe we'll add more verses to the ass song.

-Ms. 246

Friday, January 18, 2013

Weigh-In Day Week #3

I lost 2.6 # this week! It was quite unexpected to be so much. Especially since I went a tad over my points a couple of days and I even ate a big meal or two last week.

This week I'm going to eat more, however. My goal is only to lose 1-1.5 pounds a week. I'm still breastfeeding (well, exclusively pumping) and if you diet too much then your supply goes down, which it's started to. So I'm kind of sad about 2.6 pounds because of supply issues, but really inside I'm like "Heck yea! 2.6 pounds!".

Moral of the story, don't expect me to lose this much next week. I haven't decided though: whether to eat a crap ton one day or to responsibly eat slightly more daily to make sure I don't lose too much. We shall see...I'm really craving eating half a pizza...;)

Happy Three Day Weekend!

- Ms. 246

P.S. Luna's getting a tooth!! You can see a tiny bit of it on her lower gums. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tree Smeller

Mr. 246 is a funny man. We went on a walk this afternoon. I sneakily took a couple picture of him as he decided he needed to smell this tree. When questioned about it, he claimed it was "for education." Here you go:


I also got some good action shots while he was doing his pull ups/playing on the playground: (While I was writing this post, he saw the pictures and entitled them "Fat Man Tries to Fly.")


I love him. We laugh so much it's ridiculous. I was telling him today that I get so excited when it's the end of the work day. The level of excitement I have about coming home every day is about the same level as the night before Christmas when you're a kid. I am extremely happy with our little family. :)

-Ms. 246

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Luna's Six Month Check-Up!

Little Bean at the doctor's office for her sixth month check-up yesterday. Here we are a little bit after her shots. We got her the flu shot as well. (I only cried a little this time. Haha.) With the craziness going on with the flu this year I'm not taking any chances. I do not want a sick baby. At all. They also keep the doctor's office uncomfortably warm and Luna bean is a hot baby anyways so we were all pretty much sweating after the whole ordeal (and that's why her cheeks are so pink!) And we missed nap time. And we had to wait an hour before they even called us back. But we survived...

Here are the stats:
  • Height: 27 1/2 inches tall (91st percentile)
  • Weight: 17 lbs 10.2 oz (68th percentile)
  • Head Circumference = 17 inches (91st percentile)
The pediatrician said she she was tall and slim. Ryan and I laughed at that and suggested that she might not be our child after all. Haha. She has a big noggin too! (Full of smarts!) We don't have to go back until she's a year old! I can't believe how fast she's growing. I can't wait for her to get older, but at the same time, I want her to stay little forever. I'm just trying to cherish every little step along the way. I love my baby bean. We're glad to have such a happy, healthy, laugh-loving, roly-poly baby. :)

-Ms. 246

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What We've Been Up To As of Late

Hello again. 246 news update for this past week:
  • Mr. 246 has started training his mustache to be a curly cue type mustache. (I don't know the proper term for it.) He's been growing out his hair since October. When your employer is a 6 month old baby, they don't really get picky about what kind of crazy you look like. Haha.
  • I've been letting Boo Radley sleep in our bed again the past couple nights. We trained him to sleep on the couch in the living room before Luna was born because we knew she'd be in the bed from time to time in the middle of the night and Boo can get snappy when he's tired. Luna's been very good about sleeping through the night though and Boo is just so gosh darn cuddly. It's been so cold lately it's been nice to cuddle up with him. He sleeps with me like a little teddy bear.
  • This happened about a week ago, but I think it's really neat -- Luna can work a zipper! What kind of 6 month old does that?! Whenever I'm wearing my zip-up hoodie she will take her little pointer finger, put it in the hole of the zipper pull and pull it down. Repeatedly. So neat. She's amazing.
  • I've been quite busy crafting but I don't have too many finished results. I've been working on a couple large projects that will take a little while. I did manage to finish two things, though:

Matching hats for Luna and I! I just loved the yarn and I didn't know what to do with it so I decided on the old stand-by: ear flap hat. My ear flaps are a little mismatched. That's what I get for no actual pattern, and no counting. Haha. Luna's was made with this pattern. I just kind of adapted it for big people size.

One of our Christmas boxes came this past week (We got so much stuff in Ohio over Christmas we had to ship a lot of our gifts home.) Included in this Christmas box was a bunch of yarn that Mr. 246's sister had gotten me: (I noticed that I have red, pink, and white in there and I have plans to make Luna a Valentine's Hat)

Had to make something with it, didn't I? I came across this pattern for crocheted glove mittens and decided to give it a try. (Go here if you're on Ravelry for better pictures.)

I think I'd like to tweak the pattern and use a smaller gauge yarn. I don't know if I want to finish the glove or not. It fits snug, but crochet always stretches after a bit anyways. At least I think so. I don't know if I want to finish it because I think I could make it better. I think the fingers need to be longer and I need to pay better attention to counting my stitches.

And, for my crafting crowning joy this week. Here's what I've got so far on the quilt I'm making. 5 rows done! I had done the rows done and I couldn't wait to sew them together to see what they'd look like.

I decided against the "random" pattern of colors. I started laying it out and it didn't look quite right. I started laying it out with diagonals and loved it instantly. So there we go!  Granted, lots of the corners don't match up, but they're pretty darn close. And a lot of them are surprisingly spot on.

I don't know if I'll finish it in quite a while though. There is a Mini Art Quilt Swap I joined and send out is by 2/22/13. I have a pretty good idea what I'm going to do, but I think I need to practice some techniques first so it might take me a while and some of my crafting time. I can't exactly say what I'm up to since this is a public blog, she may be reading this and I'd like it to be a surprise!

Anyways, that's about it for now. I'm off to have a lazy Sunday afternoon. My favorite! Can't decide whether to nap, crochet and watch something, or read. Hmmm...decisions.

- Ms. 246

Project365: Week 2/52

My pictures from the past week. I was a bit lazy toward the end and I didn't even take one on the 11th! I'll deal with it. Perhaps I should rename it Project364? No, I've decided to cheat and use a picture I took on the 6th. It's not as bad if I fess up to it right away is it? Haha. Here we go:

6/365 (01.06.2013)
6 of 365

7/365 (01.07.2013)
7 of 365

8/365 (01.08.2013)
8 of 365

9/365 (01.09.2013)
9 of 365

10/365 (01.10.2013)
10 of 365

11/365 (01.11.2013)
11 of 365

12/365 (01.12.2013)
12 of 365

I'm thinking next week I might look up one of those lists for 365 projects. It will list something like "wood' for the daily theme and you have to photograph something that involves wood. We shall see. I think #7 is my favorite!

- Ms. 246

Friday, January 11, 2013

Weigh-In Day Week #2

Goal I'm doing well on: I lost another 1.6 lbs this week. Pretty good for eating out 3x this week. (Chili's, Applebee's, and McDonald's). All three times I planned what I was going to have ahead of time so it stayed within my points and it was a success. Woo!

A goal I'm not doing well on:
Looking nice - I've been wearing make-up, but I haven't been doing my hair except maybe twice. It's just so hard in the mornings: Put my hair in a pony tail and cuddle with Luna for my last 5 minutes before work, or ignore Luna and go do my hair? I choose Luna every time. I could wake up earlier, but c' that's gonna happen.

I'll make a post tomorrow on the craftiness I've been up to as well as what Mr. 246 has been up to. Clue: he's changed up his look! Hope you're all well.

-Ms. 246

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project365: Week 1/52

Hello! This is my first weekly update for my 365 project. Here's what I've realized about this goal already:
  • I don't have as much time as I'd like. I haven't had time to study up on my camera/photography yet. Eventually I will. I'm not going to fret about it though. I will when I get to it. I have about 3 large crafting projects I'm working on at the moment.
  • I probably won't have amazing professional photographer-quality pictures and I have to be okay with that. This is something to do for fun.
  • I am terrible at finding interesting things to shoot at the moment so I get lazy and just take pictures of Luna. This is okay too. I want a bajillion pictures to remember this time in her life and create things that she'll be able to look back on. She's a great model. With working full time and being on a rigid time schedule there isn't a lot of desire to go out into the world to find the best picture ever. (I'm exclusively pumping, that's a whole other post, but let me tell you -- it is a time killer, but at least Luna's getting the best food!) At this point in my life, the best pictures might as well be taken in our cozy little home. Ultimately, these pictures are for me, and no one else so there's no need to impress. As long as I'm satisfied, that's all that matters.
  • I need to check my Flickr more often. (Here's the link to my 365Project.)  I went to upload today and I had comments! How exciting. I've been submitting my pictures to a 365 group a found on another blog.
Okay, enough talking. This is supposed to be a picture post. Without further ado....

1/365 (01.01.2013)
1 of 365
2/365 (01.02.2013)
2 of 365
3/365 (01.03.2013)
3 of 365
4/365 (01.04.2013)
4 of 365
5/365 (01.05.2013)
5 of 365

Next Sunday I'll post this weeks' pictures. Hope you enjoyed them!

-Ms. 246