Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project 365: Week 3/52

Another week! I'll do my confession right up front: I didn't take Day 18's picture. Mr. 246 did and it was the only picture that was taken that day. I kept saying, "Oh yea, I gotta take a picture before bed....I gotta take a picture before bed." Then I never did.

Plans for next week: I'm getting kind of bored of taking whatever picture for the day and decided to do more of a challenge. There are a couple (okay, more than a couple) lists floating around internet land that give you a prompt for the day and you interpret that in your own way for a picture. (For example, prompt is "icy" and you could take a picture of something icy, or cold, or maybe even an icy stare someone is giving you.) I was looking at some of the lists on Pinterest and Mr. 246 volunteered to make a list for me! So, here are my prompts for the next week: (I started yesterday, I couldn't wait!)

01.19.2013: A pair (I already took a picture of a "pair." See #19 below.)
01.20.2013: Something soft
01.21.2013: Words
01.22.2013: Action Shot
01.23.2013: Portrait
01.24.2013: Ingredients/Materials
01.25.2013: Landscape
01.26.2013: Something green
01.27.2013: A pattern

I'm already more excited about this week's picture taking. I've already got ideas floating in my head for what I'm going to do. Anyways, enough are my pictures for last week:

13/365 (01.13.2013)
13 of 365

14/365 (01.14.2013)
14 of 365

15/365 (01.15.2013)
15 of 365

16/365 (01.16.2013)
16 of 365

17/365 (01.17.2013)
17 of 365

18/365 (01.18.2013)
18 of 365

19/365 (01.19.2013) - "A Pair"
19 of 365

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