Sunday, January 13, 2013

What We've Been Up To As of Late

Hello again. 246 news update for this past week:
  • Mr. 246 has started training his mustache to be a curly cue type mustache. (I don't know the proper term for it.) He's been growing out his hair since October. When your employer is a 6 month old baby, they don't really get picky about what kind of crazy you look like. Haha.
  • I've been letting Boo Radley sleep in our bed again the past couple nights. We trained him to sleep on the couch in the living room before Luna was born because we knew she'd be in the bed from time to time in the middle of the night and Boo can get snappy when he's tired. Luna's been very good about sleeping through the night though and Boo is just so gosh darn cuddly. It's been so cold lately it's been nice to cuddle up with him. He sleeps with me like a little teddy bear.
  • This happened about a week ago, but I think it's really neat -- Luna can work a zipper! What kind of 6 month old does that?! Whenever I'm wearing my zip-up hoodie she will take her little pointer finger, put it in the hole of the zipper pull and pull it down. Repeatedly. So neat. She's amazing.
  • I've been quite busy crafting but I don't have too many finished results. I've been working on a couple large projects that will take a little while. I did manage to finish two things, though:

Matching hats for Luna and I! I just loved the yarn and I didn't know what to do with it so I decided on the old stand-by: ear flap hat. My ear flaps are a little mismatched. That's what I get for no actual pattern, and no counting. Haha. Luna's was made with this pattern. I just kind of adapted it for big people size.

One of our Christmas boxes came this past week (We got so much stuff in Ohio over Christmas we had to ship a lot of our gifts home.) Included in this Christmas box was a bunch of yarn that Mr. 246's sister had gotten me: (I noticed that I have red, pink, and white in there and I have plans to make Luna a Valentine's Hat)

Had to make something with it, didn't I? I came across this pattern for crocheted glove mittens and decided to give it a try. (Go here if you're on Ravelry for better pictures.)

I think I'd like to tweak the pattern and use a smaller gauge yarn. I don't know if I want to finish the glove or not. It fits snug, but crochet always stretches after a bit anyways. At least I think so. I don't know if I want to finish it because I think I could make it better. I think the fingers need to be longer and I need to pay better attention to counting my stitches.

And, for my crafting crowning joy this week. Here's what I've got so far on the quilt I'm making. 5 rows done! I had done the rows done and I couldn't wait to sew them together to see what they'd look like.

I decided against the "random" pattern of colors. I started laying it out and it didn't look quite right. I started laying it out with diagonals and loved it instantly. So there we go!  Granted, lots of the corners don't match up, but they're pretty darn close. And a lot of them are surprisingly spot on.

I don't know if I'll finish it in quite a while though. There is a Mini Art Quilt Swap I joined and send out is by 2/22/13. I have a pretty good idea what I'm going to do, but I think I need to practice some techniques first so it might take me a while and some of my crafting time. I can't exactly say what I'm up to since this is a public blog, she may be reading this and I'd like it to be a surprise!

Anyways, that's about it for now. I'm off to have a lazy Sunday afternoon. My favorite! Can't decide whether to nap, crochet and watch something, or read. Hmmm...decisions.

- Ms. 246


  1. LOVE those hats! I saved that gloved pattern to my ravelry library. I think I am still a little too new to crochet to try something like those right now, but someday! Cant wait to see what you come up with for MAQ.

  2. Thank you! (I think I may be in love with that yarn...) I thought the gloves would be way harder than they are. If you can single crochet, you can make them. Gosh...I'm nervous for the MAQ. I feel like I should have waited until I obtained some quilting skills. Other than squares I got it should be interesting! Haha. And I'm curious to see what you will come up with!