Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nom nom nom!


Ladies and gentlemen, it's official. Luna's first words happened: "Nom nom nom!" And she's not even seven months old. I always say "nom nom nom" while she's eating 'cause it's funny and she laughs. I guess she did it at Target today with Mr. 246 right before lunchtime, but we knew for sure they weren't just sounds tonight. She did it with purpose. Story time! Here's how it happened:

Luna was just sitting on her quilt on the floor, playing with toys and watching Boo Radley dance around. I decided to get a string cheese to eat. So, I'm standing near her and making Boo do tricks so he can have some (she loves watching Boo) and she looks at me while I'm in the middle of eating a couple bites and looks me straight in the eyes and says "Nom nom nom!" Then I take another bite and...."Nom nom nom!" And then she starts getting fussy and looking at me like, "Please, understand mommy!". We swoop her up, put her in her high chair and break out the green beans and she just starts going to town, super hungry.

So, yea...there you have it...Luna's first words. Not quite words, but she used them properly to get her meaning across. I always say "Nom nom nom" while she's eating and today she said them when she was hungry so we'd get her something to eat. I'm so excited. My heart grew a little bit today.

-Ms. 246

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