Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mr. 246 and a New Friend!

I've been posting a lot recently about what I've been up to, but you may be wondering what Mr. 246 has been up to...
He's been eating baby feet and that's okay.

Mr. 246 is currently a "stay-at-home-dad." Although I'd love to stay home myself, financially it works out much better right now if I'm working and he stays at home. (I really want to stay at home, but truth-be-told, he's probably better at it than I am.) He does a wonderful job. He really does. I come home, the chores are all done, Luna is super happy, and dinner's on it's way to being made. He even makes my lunch for me most days! (I know...I may just be the luckiest girl ever.) You know how some women say they were born to be mothers? I think he was born to be a father. He is the best dad I could have asked for for my little bean.

So anyway, he's been taking care of Lunabean, but recently he's made it one of his New Years' Resolutions to read 50 books this year. So far he's read one and a half and started a third. He's using GoodReads which seems to be a pretty awesome website. You rate books and then they give you recommendations. He says his recommendations were all pretty spot on. (I did it as well and all the results came back as children's books. Maybe I read far below my level or they think I should, haha. I might reevaluate the rating process, do it again, and see if it changes.)

I read some of the book he already finished and it is awesome. It's Lost at Sea by Jon Ronson. He's a investigative journalist and the book is a compilation of short stories of people he's met during his work. The first chapter was about the religious "coming out" by the band members of Insane Clown Posse. The author sits and talks to them before a show and it's pretty hilarious (although the ICP members are quite serious). It also includes such instances like: the silliness of Indigo children, AI robots you can (mostly) have conversations with, and "a pop singer whose life’s greatest passion is the coming alien invasion." I might be reading this book myself in the very near future. (Be warned, however, Mr. 246 says that the later chapters are about bit more serious and possibly depressing topics toward the end so it's not all silliness.)

Mr. 246 is also into little trees:
More specifically -- bonsai trees. He's been shaping them with wire and everything. He puts them in the window every morning and turns the plant light on in the evenings (as pictured) to make sure they get enough light each day. There's also apparently a complicated watering/humidity tray process I know nothing about, as well as fertilizing. I think they're cute though! (Especially the Juniper, on the left, which I got him for his birthday last year.)

Hopefully I'll have a project soon. I've been kind of lazy and just working on my Mario cross stitch. I think I may work a lot on my quilt this weekend. (And possibly make a tea wallet - I've wanted one for a while to take to work, we shall see.)

Have a lovely evening!
- Ms. 246

P.S. I almost forgot! I am on my way to accomplishing New Years' Resolution #8! I've got a pen pal! She lives in England! I met her on the HP Craftalong boards at How exciting, right? I've written her a letter tonight and I'll be mailing it tomorrow!

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