Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lofty New Year's Ambitions

Merry Belated Christmas. Now, on to resolutions...

Christmas is over and now it's almost 2013. I have a long standing tradition of making a ridiculously long list of New Years' Resolutions and I plan on continuing this tradition. Of course, I usually never succeed in actually accomplishing these resolutions, but it's always inspiring just to make them. This year, however, I do plan on actually detailing a plan of action for each resolution. So, without further ado, here are my 2013 New Years' Resolutions:

1.) Lose 50 lbs.
Why: Quite lofty, I know and stereotypical, but so be it. I've gained a lot over the past year due to pregnancy (and the fat that I'm horrible at maintaining weight) so my plan is to lose the pregnancy weight and then some so I can be a healthy weight to be a good role model for Luna. She's still young. I don't want to have her watch me struggle with my weight. I want her to only know good eating and activity habits so she won't have to worry about anything weight related. I've struggled with weight most of my life and I want her to just naturally make good food decisions so she can spend that time being a child and young adult without that added stress and depression.
How: I've joined Weight Watchers online. I've had success with it in the past. (I lost 25 lbs!) After my three months of WW is up, I'll be going back to SparkPeople. I plan on eating better, planning out my food the day before, cooking more (Mr. 246 does most of it since he's a SAHD), and for exercise I'll be taking Luna for long walks in the Ergo (it just gets more intense the heavier she gets) and doing short weight training sessions at least every other day. (I'm weak!) If you want to add me as a friend - go ahead. I'm Whistlefish on WW and Whistlefishy on SparkPeople.

2.) Participate in a 365 Photo Project.
Why: It's been a long standing goal of mine to become better at photography (and learn how to properly utilize all functions of these fancy cameras I keep buying). And now that we have Luna I want to capture every moment 'cause she's already growing too fast. (Can you believe she's six months in a couple days?!)
How: I've got some photography links on my Pinterest already saved up. There are some free lessons online that I plan on doing so I have "assignments" to work on which will help my skills and motivate me to continue with the 365 project. I've started a set on Flickr for this project. The link is here. There aren't any pictures yet obviously. I'm going to start January 1st.

3.) Continue making Shutterfly Photobooks.
Why: Because I'm too lazy to scrapbook, these books are gorgeous, and I want something that my family can cherish for a long time. We've already made one from her birth-October. I'm now working on a Christmas one and I'm freaking in love with it. (We had five separate family Christmases!)
How: My main goal is to make an 8x11 hardcover book at least every 3 months. So that's 4 a year. I'll make more if I have a super special occasion with tons of photos.  I will probably also make one once the 365 project is done. How cool would that be?

4.) Participate in 50 Projects for 2013 on
Why: So I can plan my major projects. Plus, this goal covers a lot of my crafting goals. (i.e. Finish the Harry Potter quilt, make a quilt for my bed, redecorate bedroom, ect.)
How: I'm working on my list. The thread is still being set up on Craftster. If you'd like to join or see what it's about you can go here.

5.) Create a family mission statement.
Why: Because I'm secretly into hokey self-improvement stuff like that and I like that sort of thing. I like a clear cut direction of what I need to do.
How: Do some research on family mission statements. I'll have to sit down with Mr. 246 and figure it all out. Again, I'll be sure to post when I'm done. (*I just talked to Mr. 246 and he said it's a good idea and he's willing to work on it with me. Bless his heart, always putting up with my random projects, especially when they involve him.)

6.) Make a family budget.
Why: Because we have a child now. That kinda makes us *real* adults. I've got a somewhat respectable amount in savings but I know I could save more. I kind of just buy whatever I want whenever I want it. There are things that my frivolous spending should be put aside for: paying off student loans, creating an emergency fund, starting a retirement fund, creating a moving fund (we want to go back to the midwest), possibly money for a down payment for a house if/when we move (although I do love the perks of renting).
How: which we've used in the past, but I've been lazy. Mr. 246 and I are going to create a new account for both of us, do our monthly budget, and see what we can accomplish.

7.) Set a monthly family goal.
Why: This was originally "Organize our whole life" based on a book that gives you a different thing to work on every week and then at the end of the year your life is supposedly organized, but Mr. 246 and I agreed that while it seems like a good idea, it will probably never be accomplished. Instead we're deciding on a monthly goal to work on.
How: Every month we'll decide on a goal and then a couple things that need to be done to accomplish said goal. For example: "Minimize Our Belongings" would be the goal. Then we would make some sub-goals: pare down our book collection, go through storage (If we haven't used it in 2 years we probably never will...), get rid of a majority of things we just don't need.

8.) Get a penpal.
Why: Because I love stationary (I have a ton I do nothing with) and writing/receiving letters. I think it's neat.
How: Not sure yet. Maybe send out a request on Craftster or Facebook, or hit up an old friend. We shall see. Maybe a family member I'm not close with?

9.) Take a bit more pride in my appearance.
Why: I've been SUPER lazy in terms of appearance the past couple months. It's happened because of a combination of a couple of things: there are waaay more important things in life than looks, I've become frumpy feeling/looking so I tell myself, "What's the point," I don't have much a social life, this list can go on. I don't want to be a super girly girl, but I'd like to set an example for Luna to take care of herself and take pride in herself. Something I need to accomplish. Plus, Mr. 246 loves me dearly, no matter what I look like, but I'd like to be a girl he's proud to be seen with.
How: Do my hair at least 4 out 7 days of the week - I've been ponytailin' it far too often. I wear makeup at work, but I should on the weekends as well, at least sometimes. Dress up pretty at least once a week. Keep my nails looking good. Take some pride in my body even if it is not "ideal" at the moment.

10.) Blog, Journal, Record life in some way.
Why: I have a TERRIBLE memory. I can never remember any movie I've seen and my high school and even college years are already getting super fuzzy. I don't know why I have such a terrible memory for life events but I know one thing for sure -- I want to remember this part of my life. I LOVE my life right now. I want to remember every bit of it and if my memory fails me, I should hope to have a record to remind me.
How: I will try to upkeep this blog including backing it up on my computer/Google Docs. I also have a mini index diary that I need to start up again. I will also have a notebook that I don't write in as regularly, but will make all my notes for everything in so I have kind of a mish-mash memory of what's going on.

Phew. So there we go. A year's worth of goals. And since I'll be blogging more (right?) I'll be sure to update along the way. Here's hoping for a wonderful year!

Ms. 246

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