Sunday, December 30, 2012

I can sew anything!

Okay, I know I definitely can't sew everything, but I feel like I can. Why, you ask? Because dearest Mr. 246 spoiled me this Christmas. He got me this:
A new sewing machine! Not just any sewing machine -- a Brother cs6000i. Allow me to geek out for a moment: It has SIXTY stitches. It's quiet! It's light! I can do free-motion quilting! I can do quilting, period. It came with a walking foot even! It even came with the large table addition thingy (like above) AND a case! You can even change the max speeds so your stitching is even! And change your stitch length and width with a touch of a button! (Do I sound like a commercial yet?) I'll quit rambling about it. You can read more here at Amazon.

So, of course I had to try it out all the stitches immediately (except button holes, 'cause I'm scared of those still):

I can't get enough of all the decorative stitching. So wonderful. Of course I wanted to run out and buy a ton of stuff to sew but after looking at a stack of fabric I bought without any purpose (and still hadn't put away) I decided I needed to use up some of my stash so I practiced making my quilt lines and binding by making Luna another blankie. (Because 4 kajillion isn't enough for one child.)

It's just two pieces of flannel. I used a piece of fleece for the batting and I kind of like how that turned out. It's super warm, but of course it needs to be worked in. I might keep it around to sell or give as a gift since Luna has so many blankets already.

I decided my first real project will be a quilt for our bed. One of my unofficial goals for 2013 is to redecorate our room. (Well, actually just decorate it since we haven't.) Here's a pic I found from Pinterest that I'm kinda going for:
Image credit: click here.
Here are some of the fabrics I picked up today (I'll also be supplementing from my stash.):
I can't get enough of the folksy fabric, or the peacock fabric. This quilt is going to be wonderful! Mr. 246 and I have decided we're done with anything matchy-matchy and will be likening our abode to "The Burrow" from Harry Potter and I couldn't be more pleased.

Another thing I'm working on:
A Mario crossstitch. Who knows if I'll ever be finished. In the end it should look like this, but I forgot how long crossstitch takes. I proposed it for an OWL for the Harry Potter Craftalong, but I'm half tempted to abandon it. I suppose I could keep trucking along at a snails pace. It only takes me so long 'cause I can't sit and cross stitch forever. It makes me go a bit cross-eyed after a while.

So yea...that's what I've been up to. I have to go back to work Wednesday but I'm pretending this vacation will last forever. What's Mr. 246 and Lunabean been up to while I've been having all this crafty fun? Looking cute, as always:

Ms. 246


  1. I got the same machine from my husband!

    1. I saw that on a Craftster thread! Great minds must think alike! Don't you just love it? We're going to make so many awesome things. :)