Monday, December 31, 2012

50 Projects in 2012 (Part THREE!) Final Count!

Alright, before I start my "50 Projects in 2013" I need to finish posting my "50 Projects in 2012" which I unofficially joined. I think I may have surpassed 50 by a good bit! You can read Part One and Part Two by clicking on the links. Alright, here we go:

46. Little stuffed Christmas trees

47/48: Awesome crocheted rainbow hats for Luna. The first one ended up waaaay too large. So I made her a smaller one. I gave her both for Christmas.

49. Crocheted rattle. Started off as just the orange ball, ended up adding bits for Luna to hold onto and now it looks like a weird crocheted pacifier. Haha. Another Christmas present.

50. Chunky infinity scarf for Ryan. He liked mine so much, he requested one for himself for Christmas.

51. Needed an Ugly Christmas Sweater for a work party. Couldn't find any so I made one. It turned out quite pretty though. You can't tell from the picture but it's quite sparkly and gaudy.

52. Manly crocheted ripple scarf. Made this for my brother for Christmas. Ryan's modeling it in the pictures below. My brother really liked it, except for the fringe (which I was also skeptical about, but I had already put it on so I left it.). I showed him how he could remove it. It's up to him now. Haha. It also looks alot longer than the pictures.

53. Little Crocheted Christmas love birdy ornaments. Got the pattern from here on Attic24.

54. Rice pack heating pad Christmas gifts for my mom, dad, and brother.

55. Quilted Christmas pillow

56. Huge Fleece Raiders Blanket for my dad for Christmas.

57. Peace and Love Crocheted Banner for Christmas. Also based on Attic24's Pattern.

58. Painted/sealed salt dough ornaments

59. Cowl for my brother's ex - not pictured. I forgot to take a picture of it before I sent it.
60. Green scarf for Ryan's mama. Made it when I was in Ohio last week.

61. Holiday Bunting - I made three strands. If you look closely in the reflection you can see the longer strand above our window. The third one is hanging underneath our stockings.

62/63: I made two of these. (I don't have a picture of the other one.) One was made for a friend who was graduating college. You can get a better idea of them from the pattern I used.

So....that's it. Sixty-three projects. Goodness. That's alot when you consider throwing in a baby and then having to take care of a baby half of the year. (Except Mr. 246 helps a lot. If I need crafty me-time I always get it. He's the best!)

I've started my list for "50 Projects in 2013" here. It's a list in progress of course. And it's more of a guide than a instruction for the year. I'll update on here and on there as I go along.


In other news, today is the last day of Luna's birth year and it makes me sad. She won't have been born "earlier this year" she will have been born "last year." She's also six months tomorrow. My how time flies. We're ordering in food and watching "Best of 2012" compilations online (like: news fails compilations, viral video compilations, ect.) Might even pick a movie to actually watch and work on my cross stitch some more. Here's to the new year! You can read about my resolutions here. They start tomorrow. See you next year!

- Ms. 246

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