Thursday, October 25, 2012

50 Projects in 2012 (Part One!)

So, I was lurking around today and I came across a craftalong "50 Projects in 2012" post. You post your crafting plans for the year and then get crafting and post a picture of each project in your post as you complete them. I've done a lot of crafting this year. Most of it was when I was pregnant with Ms. Lunabean. (I had cravings for crafting the way some women crave ice cream when they're pregnant...well, I had ice cream cravings as well.) But, the craftalong got me thinking....I wonder if I have/had 50 projects in 2012. I decided to round up what I've made and make a post. So, without further ado, in no particular order (because I'm just not that organized)...

#1: Set of 8 Burp Clothes - made with cloth diaper fabric and flannel. They're holding up quite well and we still use them every day.
#2 and 3: Repainted soup cans with little crocheted coozies.

#4: Doggie Blanket: Made little Boo Radley a nice little quilt since he was jealous of the ones I was making for baby Lunabean.
#6: Teal Valence for over Luna's crib and...
#7: Fabric Hoopla wall for Luna's room
#8: Personalized Bunting - Made for Mr. 246's sister's birthday for her dorm room.

#9: Crocheted Pygmy Puff - Made for Summer Semester Hogwarts Craftalong (Another awesome Craftalong!)

#10: Crocheted Giraffe Amiguri
#11: Crocheted Hippo (It's that purple/red one. In the end it looked more like a dog than a hippo to me.)
#12: Stuffed and sewn giraffe (I even used a sewing pattern -- a rarity for me!)
(The little crocodile and squid were both made by Mr. 246 -- I can't take credit.)
#13: Paper Mobile - Inspired by this that I found on Pinterest. And I can't take all the credit on this one. Mr. 246 helped alot. There are a lot more circles to cut out than you think. (Sorry for the super crappy picture.
#14: Peggy the Pegasus Plush - Also made by a pattern. I'm quite pleased, although she does seem a tad short and stout. Hehe.
#15: Watercolor Emerson Quote - I freaking love this quote and I thought it was adorable for Luna's nursery. It's bigger than it looks - about 18x26 in or something around that. I was lucky enough to use my mom's projector to trace the lettering.
#16: Crocheted Baby Blanket - Dang, this thing is SOFT! And I'm quite proud. My first BIG crochet project. Oh, and pardon my baby belly taking over the bottom of the picture.

#17:  Crocheted baby Hat - Modeled by Mr. Owl Puppet
#18: Quilted Harry Potter Coasters - My first attempt at paper piecing and it was quite a success! These were made for the "One Tiny HP Thing" Swap on Craftster. (Edit: These were based on these HP patterns.)

#19: Painted frames - I had a set of note cards that I absolutely loved. I thought they would be an awesome addition to Luna's nursery (the theme morphed into "bright colors"). So...painted some cheap $3 Wal-Mart frames with craft paint and covered with lacquer to make them all nice and shiny. (Again, sorry for the crappy picture).
Here's a bunch in one picture. (Note: I decided I wanted a mantle, but we're in an apartment and space is limited, and, uh....we don't have a fireplace. So, I put up a shelf and we've been decorating it every season. This is spring when it started.)
#19: Spring Bunting - The white letters are stitched on with coordinating colors.
#20: Painted Dinosaurs - It's hard to tell in this picture, but there are three (blue, yellow, and bright green) dinosaurs. I bought them at the Dollar Tree and painted them for some colorful decorations for our display.
#21: Salsa Jar Sweater - Look at where the flowers are on the right. That is a salsa jar. I crocheted a cover for it. It took quite a while since it's single crochet. At one point, I was sick of making it and then I came to the realization that I was spending tons of time on crocheting a sweater for a salsa jar. It makes me laugh every time I see it now. (Almost makes me want to do some yarn bombing in the grocery store!)
#22: Mini Bunting - Look at the twigs on the left side of the shelf. I made tiny little coordinating bunting out of a ribbon. (Note: Heat'N Bond is my best friend with projects like this.)
#23: Decoupaged Easter Eggs - Look to the glass contained to the right of the twigs. I decided it would be an awesome Easter project to decoupage some of those brown paper mache eggs with colorful paper. WRONG. This project sucked. Tiny bits of paper. And I used scrap book paper which was a poor decision with tiny round objects. I all around hated this project but this year I told myself : Leave no project unfinished! So I enlisted Mr. 246's help and made him join in on the misery.
#24: Mini Chalkboard - Learned how to cover frames with chalkboard contact paper. Only bad part - real chalk doesn't work so I had to throw down some $$ to get some of those chalkboard markers. I still love it though.
#25: Paper and Hot Glue Wands - When I first saw these I thought they were amazing. I still do. I'm quite please with how these turned out. The first and the third were made by Mr. 246. We followed this how-to guide to make them.

Whew! I'm up to 25! I've got a lot more. And some things I haven't taken pictures of yet that I need to. I'll post the rest tomorrow. I wonder if I'll get to 50. Hmmm...if I get close I'll have to make sure I do 50 so I can accomplish the goal I never had. Come back tomorrow for PART TWO!

Kindest Regards,
Ms. 246

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