Sunday, January 27, 2013

Project 365: Week 4/52

Alrighty,'s this week's pictures:

20/365 (01.20.2013): Something Soft - Kind of a bad picture. And a cop out. This was one of those, okay, it's late and I haven't taken a picture of anything. Cats are soft. I'll take a picture of the cat.
20 of 365: Something Soft

21/365 (01.21.2013): Words - "Graco" This was Luna's first "big girl" stroller ride. Up until now she's been in the car seat snapped into the stroller.
21 of 365: Words

22/365 (01.22.2013): Action Shot -  "Hey, you guys are doing something? Lemme take a snapshot...I'm supposed to get an action shot today." Yea...another lame one.
22 of 365: Action Shot

23/365 (01.23.2013):Portrait - What a fancy man! His mustache is coming along nicely.
23 of 365: Portrait

24/365 (01.24.2013):Ingredients/Materials - Here's a couple of the rows of the quilt I'm working on. They're now sewn together!
24 of 365: Ingredients/Materials.

25/365 (01.25.2013): Landscape -  This may or may not be a crappy cell phone picture taken while driving then cropped and edited to meet today's criteria.
25 of 365: Landscape

26/365 (01.26.2013): Something Green - Regrowing some green onions from the grocery store. Why buy them when you can just regrow the same ones?
26 of 365: Something Green

The prompts for next week (thought up by Mr. 246):
A pattern
Still life
A stack of things
A collection
An outdoor animal
Black and White

I'm going to try to not be so lame, but it might happen anyway. Haha.
-Ms. 246

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