Monday, August 19, 2013

Project Life Update! (End of July - Beginning of August)

Hi again! A while back I did my initial post on my Project Life, but I haven't shown you any more pages than the ones in that post's show and tell time!

((You can click on any picture to make it larger!))

The first page above is kind of just daily life. There's some journaling on the back of the photos. The second page is our trip to the county fair. Here's my favorite part from these pages:
The bottom of this one ^ is cut from Luna's very first painting. It didn't seem like it would keep well, so I cut a 3x4 in card of it and laminated it. Now I can have a little piece of it forever!

Here is some more day-to-day life. A couple days leading up to the wedding:

 My favorite part of these pages:
The pictures of Luna and the succulents - they just turned out so good! The little journaling card is from this journaling set of pocket page cards from Me&MyBigIdeas. (I LOVE their themed cards for pocket page things...only $4.99 at Michaels. The first time I got some they were 2 for $5 so I stocked up!) Most of the cards you see used are from the Pocket Pages collections. I just added some washi tape and a "Sunday" sticker from the original Project 365 and voila!

These ones are from the day before and the day of the wedding. I'm not doing a lot of Pocket Page/Project Life for the wedding since I'm planning on making a Shutterfly photo book as soon as I get our photographer's pictures back. More cards in here are from the Pocket Pages (except the green one which I believe is from SN@P books).

Here is Saturday (the day after the wedding) and Sunday while Ryan's family was still here. :)

 I don't plan on doing full pages for every day...but there was family in town and a lot going on so I did a page for each day during this time. I am going to do a couple pages of just the wedding and ceremony as well...just waiting on pictures.

((Reminder: You can click on any picture to make it larger!))

Here is the next Monday (we went to Lake Tahoe!) and then Wednesday. (There isn't a Tuesday since Luna and I stayed home and the rest went off to San Francisco for the day.)

My favorite part from these pages:

I love the little journal card from Pocket Pages (it's from this travel-themed pack) and I love the father daughter picture: Luna throwing her hands up, playing in the sand, Daddy sitting back, relaxing and drinking a beer.

Some pictures from the last night Ryan's family was here and then it was back to normal day-to-day life in the beginning of August.

 More of August life. A lot of the pictures also have journaling on the back. On this second page I started putting text on the pictures in the editor. (I use PicMonkey because it's easy and doesn't confuse's been a long time since I've taken that Photoshop class in college.) Originally I didn't really want to do this but I've been inspired by some other Project Life pages I've ran across on the internet lately.

 See how neat it is? I love the black and white one of Ryan and Boo.

Alright, last one! I started another page but it isn't finished yet. So you're left with this:

Whew! Alright...we're all caught up! I'll have to start updating the pages as I do them.

If anyone else has Project Life pages they've done recently, feel free to leave a link! I love seeing what other people are up to. It gives me so many ideas.

Hope you all had a tolerable Monday! Hehe.
-Mrs. 246


  1. I love your pages--so many beautiful photos! Luna is so precious :) I am always behind on project Life, but I just keep plugging away at it. I think I'm getting close to April in my book now. Better late than never, I guess!

    1. Awww...thank you! I'm surprisingly not behind (then again, I just started a month ago...) but I'm sure I will be at some point. Better late than ever, right? I think I may go back and try to "Project Life" Luna's first year. I haven't decided whether I want to undertake such a project. Lol.

  2. It's amazing! I love every bit of it and Luna is darling! Those eyes!

    1. Thank you very much! I think she is darling as well, but I'm a little biased. ;)