Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Fancy Schmancy Planner is Coming!

Here's one good thing I've got going for me! My Erin Condren order shipped!! Yippeee!!!

I had no clue about Erin Condren products until about the beginning of August when my friend had posted a picture on Instagram of her and her new planner. Normally people do not do this...but apparently they do if it's an Erin Condren planner. It's fancy and schmancy and more expensive than I care to admit.

I have a fondness for planners and my favorite (which is kind of similiar to Erin's) is no longer in production. So, I searched high and low for a full week for a suitable planner (I really did not want to pay that much for a planner) but I did not find one that even compared. In the end, I splurged. I decided it would be my "back to work" present to myself. (Last year my "back to work" present to myself was a tablet so in comparison, it's quite cheap!) I even bought some fancy little extras.

I've already spent the money before this whole "My-Job-Sucks-And-I-Need-To-Get-Out-Of-It" thing began so what's done is done. At least I'll have something to keep myself organized with while I'm searching for a better fit. ((Good news: I've applied to about 7 different jobs between yesterday and today and I even have an interview already!!)) And thank you to those who left me such kind comments yesterday/today. I really really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. It really cheered me up, so thank you!

Anyways, I'll definitely be posting the unboxing ceremony of my box of Erin Condren goodness. Stay tuned!

-Mrs. 246


  1. Ooooh, congrats! Can't wait to see what you picked!

  2. Love the list you made on the last post. I need to do something like that. I hope your interview goes well and excited to see if one of them will be a good fit for you! Good luck!!!

    1. Thank you! It felt a little silly at first, but it was definitely therapeutic. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the good luck on my interview! I'm gonna need's a panel interview. Eeek!