Monday, November 11, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness (Project Life Style!)

30 Days of Thankfulness (Front)

Occasionally I come across Project Life blogs and this will have these amazing 2x2inch insert pages and I am always jealous. I promptly put this set of the pages (they're actually coin collector pages!) on my Christmas Wish List but I gave in early and bought them myself. Ooops!

I just had to do something with them immediately and seeming as it's November now (can you believe it?!) I decided I would do "30 Days of Thankfulness." This isn't an online group or anything...just something I made up (although I wouldn't be surprised if there's already something like this going on).

30 Days of Thankfulness

I took my fall colored scrapbook paper, cut it into 2x2 inch squares, used my corner rounder and # stamps and voila! The pages have 40 slots combined and there's only 30 days in November so I used some awesome glitter* papers that I had found on clearance to fill in the extra spots.

I think it turned out pretty good! The glitter squares didn't photograph well but that's okay. I'm just excited for these 2x2 in pages! So many possibilities! Instagram pictures! Countdowns! A Day in the Life! 

[[Speaking of which...I may have already done my own "A Day in the Life" this past Saturday so expect to see some awesomeness from that soon.]]

I know we should all be working on gratitude all the time, but is anyone doing anything in particular to cultivate that sentiment this time of year?

-Mrs. 246

*I usually have a strict No Glitter policy for our household, but I had to relax a bit. A while ago I saw this post by Amanda Rose and I fell in love with the bit of glitter for a PL layout. So snazzy. I'm going to keep it to a minimum though since even this little bit of glitter drove me a bit made to work with. But it looks pretty!

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  1. I love this! It looks fantastic! The colors are great, and I adore the glitter;) Also, you have the prettiest handwriting!