Sunday, March 18, 2012

birthday bunting

March has been fickle this past week. I get entirely too excited that "Spring has sprung!" and then it decides to rain this whole past week. At least there's been a glimmer of sunshine today. My snow crocus' have decided to make an appearance finally. When I planted them, I didn't know they were such tiny little flowers/bulbs and I have them planted in one of the biggest pots....oh well. I'm a "learn-as-you-go" type gardener.

I finished Ryan's (the boyfriend) sister's birthday present yesterday and I'm quite pleased. Since I've been feeling so crafty and in the mood to hand make everything, I decided I'd make her some bunting with her name on it for her room at college. Like everyone else online lately, I'm also quite on board the bunting craziness train. Here's some of the springtime bunting I did:
 I just love the mini-bunting on the branches! It makes me smile every time I pass it. :) Anyways, onto zee most recent project....
Here's the fabric I picked out. She said her room has maroon with some light pink, white, gray in it. You can't see well from the picture but the white fabric has a faint light gray design. I like all things bright and colorful, Ryan's sister, however, is quite classy so I had to try to tone down any kitschy-ness.
 Although I hate the tracing, I absolutely love little piles of fabric all cut out and looking perfect. One of life's joys. Then I traced the letters (have to remember to flip the letters backwards!) onto some Heat N Bond (one of the best inventions ever)...
Then, cut them out and iron them on...
Why aren't these triangles cut out you might ask?
So I can embroider around them. The Heat N Bond works well, you don't have to sew it on or anything, but I like the detail of embroidery and I haven't done it in a while. Oh, yes, you can't embroider without a good snack, hence the jelly beans.
I discovered that Boo actually likes jelly beans. After he figured out how to eat this first one he kept trying to get more. Anyways, so after embroidering, finish cutting out, I sewed them all up. Here again, love little piles of fabric - all perfect and same-sized. Oh, and after my first attempt at bunting I looked a tutorial (I unfortunately don't remember which one to give proper credit) and learned 2 easy bunting "shortcuts": leave the tops alone while sewing them up, and then get double bias tape (so it's already pre-folded over, pin the little flag part sandwiched between the bias tape and sew on up. Super easy and super quick...
The final product:
Ta-da! From far away the font kind of makes the whole thing look medieval, but in good way. Hopefully the colors will match her room. I do hope she likes it. (She's nice enough to pretend anyway.) I had to guess on the proper colors since I've never seen her room at college. In real life I don't think it looks so Valentine's-y. Oh, and I love the wrap job I did to:
I cut a brown paper bag into an envelope thingy and tied it off with a strip of left over fabric. All we have is Christmas wrapping paper and I attempting to spend less money on random unnecessary things. Truth be told, I love this much more than store-bought anything. :)

Of course, I can't go a day currently without having some kind of project to work on. I'm feeling a bit slow and have the pregnant-lazies currently, here's a sneak peek of what I'm working on now:
Crochet, super-awesome, lovely, happiness time. Just what I need. :)

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