Wednesday, March 14, 2012

no phone day

This is my phone. This is the phone I forgot to bring to work with me today. We'll blame that on "pregnancy brain," but a whole working day without my phone was just....weird. How will I procrastinate working? How will anyone from work reach me? What if I get in an accident? What will I entertain myself with at lunch?

Aside from the fact that I really hate not having it for emergencies, I learned a lot about not having my phone on me:

I'm more outgoing and tend to seek out the company of others more since I'm not so absorbed in my phone. I met a man with three greyhounds. He told me their histories and let me pet them.  I also met a nice middle school girl at a different school who was kind enough not only to give me directions to the proper classroom, but to escort me all the way there. I also bullshitted at length with my boss and other coworker, which I hardly ever do.

I have no idea what time it is when I don't have my phone. Goodness. This is why people my age don't wear watches. We have phones. We lose the phone? We lose all sense of time.

I am no more productive without a phone. You'd think since I wasn't checking Facebook or the blogs, or the weather I'd be more productive. Nope. I just work slower to make the work last.

I am more attached to my phone than I realize.  The feeling of not being able to check my phone when I wanted throughout the day is the same feeling I got the first day I went without smoking any cigarettes when I quit. It kind of makes me sick to think of that.

It was quite the experiment although it was not intended. I don't think I'll be giving up my phone though. I've already given up cigarettes (silly pregnancy) and most television (silly girl thinking "I'm not going to let my child watch any television for the first 2 years") in the past 6 months. I'm okay with keeping my phone habit. Better to be addicted to information than nicotine, right?

On another note. I scored some plants that my coworker decided she didn't want taking over her yard:
I just have to plant them in the garden. Or the house. I think they'll be okay until tomorrow if I spray them. It's raining and I'm lazy. It's time to get crafting for the night anyway. I'm making a birthday present for the boyfriend's sister. I'll show you when I'm done, but here's a sneak peek for my next post:

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