Monday, March 12, 2012


apartment two-forty-six
 Hi there. Welcome to my new blog two-forty-six. I hate long introductions so I'll get right to it and introduce everyone and explain everything.

  • I recently turned twenty-five this past Groundhog's Day.
  • I currently live in northern California. I moved here from Ohio two years ago. I have no official hometown, however. My father was in the military. I've moved nine times through out my life.
  • I work as an RN for a nearby school district. School nurse sounds awesome, but it's actually mostly paperwork. Bonus: I work a "school year schedule." If the kids don't have school, neither do I.
  • I'm currently six and a half months pregnant. I'm due June 24, 2012. It's a girl. :)
  • I don't have a lot of friends in the area and spend most of my time making things and hanging out around the apartment.

And now for the rest of Apartment 246's occupants:
Ryan, the boyfriend

Luna, the soon-to-be daughter
Boo Radley, my fiesty but lovable chihuahua
Scout, kitty with the largest tail you've ever seen.
The fish, collectively named "The Ministry of Magic."
Hermit crabs "Crabbe" and "Goyle". They're hiding. You can't see them.

And what will this blog include you might be wondering....anything that might be occurring in the land or with the occupants of apartment two-forty-six:
  • Whatever various crafts I'm doing at the moment. I have no exact craft, I do a bit of everything. One day I may crochet, the next I may make a quilt, or paint plastic dinosaurs.
  • I don't happen to cook often, so if I do, I make it worth it. Or at least try to. Maybe a better name for this section would be "How to Cook Slop."
  • Various pictures of my animals 'cause I'm one of those people.
  • Any pictures period. I went out one day and bought myself a fancy-schmancy camera to persue photography. I'm not very good, but it makes me happy and that's all that matters.
  • Whatever pregnancy/baby related topic I feel like. I'm currently six and a half months pregnant.
  • Any stories or anecdotes from our lives or the things we do here. 

Anything you'd like to know, just ask. Hopefully I can keep things interesting.

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