Monday, March 12, 2012

a quilt fit for a chihuahua

Very soon I have to start transitioning little Boo Radley to sleep in the living room instead of our bedroom since this summer we'll have the baby in there. I recently made two quilts for Luna which Boo really enjoyed laying on while I worked on them, so I decided he needed his own. (He doesn't have a dog bed. He's apparently too sophisticated for that.) This weekend Jo-Ann Fabrics was having a sale on Snuggle Flannel (1.99/yd down from 6.99/yd!) so I decided that's what I would make for him - a nice soft snuggly blankie for when he must sleep on the couch instead of under the covers in our bed.

The end result: Gorgeous! Lovely! Snuggly wonderful mini chihuahua-sized quilt.

Here it is in action: (Please forgive poor phone-quality pictures)

Laying in the sunshine, lovin' life.

Then the cat attacked, in a fit of playfulness and jealousy. She had no interest in this quilt until I finished it and gave it to Boo:
Scout (the kitty), underneath a brand new, handmade doggie quilt. Complete with dog cowering in the background.
Kitty then proceeded to attack poor little Boo out of jealousy all morning. Who knew a fuzzy little quilt could 'cause so much chaos?

In case you were wondering: Yes, I did spend Saturday night in my jam-jams, rocking out to Taylor Swift, making a quilt for my chihuahua. I'm allowed to be this lame/awesome 'cause I'm pregnant. (Ryan didn't mind. It meant he got to play uninterrupted video games all night. Although he did have to listen to Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift puts me in a good mood. Embarrassing, but very helpful for warding off pregnancy-bitchiness.)

I actually love this quilt. I look at it and it makes me very pleased. It reminds me of a quilt that would be in a farmhouse in the summertime. Nice, light colors. Just looking at it is refreshing. (Pretend it's not made out of flannel, however.) It was a very good way to spend the weekend. Boo enjoys it, although I think I'm more in love with it. Hopefully he'll feel more comfortable when I finally stop being selfish and boot him out into the living room to go to sleep.

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