Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekly Goals {Week 36}

Another week, another set of goals. I've been in a pretty good place lately and I think that's really helped. I really must credit the impending season of fall. Things are just so much better when your favorite season is right around the corner. Here's how I did:

GOALS MET IN WEEK 35: 10.66/13

1. (Motherhood) Do at least one art project together. We colored together a good couple times...does that count? Seeming as Bean has been acting especially two lately, I think yes.
2. (Family) Eat dinner as a family most nights. Check!
3. (Marriage) Plan an *actual* date night. Check! September 26th here we come!

4. Go to bed on time on work nights! Yes! And even a tad early some nights.
5. Save all receipts/update budget daily. Stick to my budget! Half credit. I didn't do it daily but it's now up to date.
6. Do less. Yes. I definitely took some time to relax this week.

7. Work out x3. 2/3rd's credit. I went only twice. Can I make an excuse? I can? Well...I was super tired that day and I started getting sick/allergies. Is that good enough? Probably not, but I'll take it.
8. 9,500 steps/day goal. 10,993 steps/day average! Killed it! (Calculation is slightly off...I didn't wear it two of the day unfortunately...)

9. At least 7 glasses of water a day. Half credit. I did alright. Some days went really well, some days didn't.
10. Cook more at home. After seeing the ungodly amount of money we spent on restaurants and convenience food last month, we've definitely been eating at home more. We just have to get through this withdrawal period, lol.

11. Work on HPC craft swap. Yep! Finished one item!
12. Post in HPC at lease once.Yep! A couple times actually and I've declared my career path.
13.  Write 2 blog posts. (This one counts!) Yep!


Weekly Goals


1. (Motherhood) Play outdoors more! (Yes, even when it's hot...)
2. (Family) Eat dinner as a family most nights.
3. (Marriage) Take a night off from all projects and just hang out and be. And be together.

4. Go to bed on time on work nights!
5. No frivolous spending this week. Essentials only! (We shall see how this goes!)

6. Work out x3.
7. 10,000 steps/day goal.
8. Lose 1 pound. (Gasp! Making an actual weight loss goal, I know!)

9. Finish another item for Back To Hogwarts craft swap.
10. Finish all of June Project Life pages. 
11.  Write 3 blog posts. (This one counts!)

Yes, that's right...only eleven this week. I'm trying to simplify and I'm thrilled about that. To anyone else making goals this week....Go get em!
-Mrs. 246

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