Friday, September 5, 2014

Days 1-5: 30 Days of Lists [September 2014]

30 Days of Lists is kind of like a "list-a-long" where all month long in September you write your list for the prompt of the day and share it with others to see! There are a ton of different ways people present their lists and this is mine. If you'd like a tour of this month's list book check out this post!

I plan on posting my lists on Fridays so you know what that means...I've got my first week of lists done!  

September 1st: The picture is horrible cell phone quality but I still wanted to include it. It's Luna playing her first "board" game, Jumping Jack! A big first if I do say so myself and it was a super special day since Mr. 246 and I both had the day off.

September 2nd: Picture is of some awesome notebooks I found at TJ Maxx. Every 20 pages or so they have a whole page of quotes/picture. So cute I had to get three. What will I use them for? No clue!

September 3rd: Oh gosh. Time is one of those things I ALWAYS wish I had more of.

September 4th: I was about to list my projects I plan on finishing and then when I thought about it, I'm probably not going to be finishing much so I had to tweak the prompt a little. Lol. It's hard to do so many projects with working full time and attempting to have a life. I love the's little Halloween stuff Bean and I have been working on. We have to get started suuuuper early since it takes 2 year olds a while to do anything. Lol.

September 5th: Things to nurture this family and myself. And appreciate this time in our lives.

If you're doing #30lists please feel free to leave your link! I love checking out the different ways people present their lists and the things they come up with!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share!

-Mrs. 246

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