Friday, September 12, 2014

Days 6-12: 30 Days of Lists [September 2014]

30 Days of Lists is kind of like a "list-a-long" where all month long in September you write your list for the prompt of the day and share it with others to see! There are a ton of different ways people present their lists and this is mine:
September 6th: This list is more like my/Luna's entire evening routine rather than what I do right before bed.
September 7th: Notice this is a short list. Lol. None of these do I actually enjoy...I just love the end result. Lol. Least favorite "chore": cooking, hands down. Thank goodness for Mr. 246.

September 8th: I am not a sophisticated person. And that's okay. This is more a list of all-time favorites. Just as I am terrible with remembering movies, I'm terrible at remembering books after I've read them.

September 9th: This was an odd prompt. I didn't quite know what direction to take it. Lol.

September 10th: Picture is actually from today but it showcases my current project which I am in LOVE with. 

September 11th: Mostly a craft list but with some random things thrown in. I couldn't think of very many "life" things I've finished with and projects seemed the easiest to list.

September 12th: Oh! A night in! Maybe it's the introvert in me but we pretty much spend all our nights in. I haven't tired of it yet! Haha. Oh, and what's that you spy in my it a Whirley Pop?! It sure is! (Bass Pro edition! Lol.) It's our newest exciting obsession. Best purchase ever!

If you're doing #30lists please feel free to leave your link! I love checking out the different ways people present their lists and the things they come up with!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share!

-Mrs. 246


  1. So awesome! I love how simple you made this. I also love that you included a picture with every list. Most nights are nights in for me too so don't feel bad!
    How did you title each page? Did you print out on it or did you have a stencil you used? Just curious.

    1. I did the title pages using my Silhouette with a black sketch pen. The pages I had were 6x6 so I wasn't able to run them through the printer for the titles but the sketch pen worked awesome!