Tuesday, August 26, 2014

30 Days of Lists! My September 2014 Minibook!

It's that time again! 30 Days of Lists! I knew I would be super busy to do any sort of high-maintenance #30lists project for this month so I spent an afternoon last week getting my book all ready to just write my lists and be done!

Let me take you on a tour!

The front cover is kind of a yellow/gold vellum sheet laid over some yellow cardstock. I love being able to see things peeking through. I did this same sort of cover for my last minibook and loved it so I just had to do it again.

After the "Title Page"/Cover I made a little introduction type page. I thought maybe it would be a bit odd just to jump into lists without any sort of explanation included. Just picked out a couple Project Life cards to paste in.

Here's my little write up about 30 Days of Lists. I used a sketch pen in my Silhouette to do the writing. You'll see more of that in a bit...

And here's my layout plan for each day's list:
  • On the left of each page: patterned side of paper with a 4x4 photo and a little strip of washi tape and a stamp of that day's date.  
  • On the right of each page: Plain white with nothing but the prompt so it's all ready for me to fill out for that day's list.
See? Easy-peasy! Ready for me to fill out each day and not too much crafting at all so hopefully I'll be able to keep up with it. (Note: "Today's To-Do List" prompt taken from the 30 Days of Lists, March 2011 list!)

Picture, washi tape, and date on the left....

Prompt and space to list on the right...while assembling my book I already included all the prompts and used the Silhouette sketch function to draw out the prompt header for each page.

The book is 6x6 inches because I hit the easy button and used a bunch of paper from two 6x6 paper pads. I decided this was an awesome way to make a mini listing book because:
  1. I already had a couple 6x6 pads to choose from. (I love when I can use supplies I already have!)
  2. I didn't have to cut anything -- it was all 6x6 inches to start with.
  3. I was able to have pretty paper on one side so I could pretty things up but I also was able to use the white backs of the scrapbook paper for a clean, easy-to-read list.
  4. It looks so uniform! And put together! (Well, at least in my opinion, hehe.)

There you have it! I'm excited to start listing! I'm glad I took the time to put this book together. It just looks so official. I got the binding done at Office Max for around $3. Well worth it, I think. I got the super big coil because once I add the extra photo and matte on each page I expect it to fatten up quite a bit. If not, I can always get a smaller coil. :)

If you're a #30days lister and participating in the blog hop please feel free to leave your link! I would love to see what everyone else is coming up with for next month! Alternatively, check out the other posts on today's blog hop by visiting here. You can also find more listing goodness by searching #30lists on social media or visiting the Flickr group.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share!
- Mrs. 246

P.S. If you'd like to see my 30 Days of Lists from last September 2013 (Project Life Style), click here. Here's a quick peek of what I did for it:


  1. Thats a fun book you created. Your handwriting is so perfect! This is all new to me so I'm enjoying seeing the way everyone is doing lists. My blog post for the hop is here: http://cindysdaisydays.blogspot.com/2014/08/30-lists-blog-hop.html

    1. Thank you so much! Last year was my first year doing 30 Days of Lists and I think seeing how everyone does it differently is one of my favorite parts! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Your book looks amazing! I love how colorful and happy it is!

  3. I found your through the #30list pinterest page. I think I have seen your list before so I might as well subscribe to you since I'm here anyways. Wonderful book. I can't wait to read all about your lists. =]

    1. Well, thank you for stopping by! Glad you liked it. :) I'm excited to get this month of listing under way!

  4. Where did you get the book bound? Do you remember what they charged to do so? I think this is a *fantastic* idea and can't wait to get started!!

    1. Sorry I'm so late in replying! I got it done at Office Max. It was a little over $3! For that price, I'll definitely be getting more projects bound! :)