Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekly Goals {Week 35}

Yep. That's right...I'm channeling the big guns: Oprah Winfrey. It was an alright week. Felt kind of crappy physically and mentally. Called off sick one day for that same combination of crappiness in hopes a day of rest would fix me. It kind of did. I almost skipped this week's post but I'm pushing through in hopes that making goals for next week might at least keep me somewhat on track. Here's how I did:

GOALS MET IN WEEK 34: 8.5/13

1. (Motherhood) Have a full Luna/Mommy day on Thursday.Yep! We hung out in the morning, went to storytime, had a special McDonald's lunch and played dollhouse before she took a nap.
2. (Family) Spend more time at home instead of stores. Success!
3. (Marriage)Annoyance hugs...see last post for full explanation. I actually didn't need these, but Mr. 246 has. Haha.

4. Go to bed on time on work nights!(Continued from last week!) Success! Doesn't keep me from being tired however. I think work is just too much. Lol.
5. Save all receipts/update budget daily. Stick to my budget! (Continued from last week!) Still tracking! It counts!
6. Write a "Two Minute Journal" each day. Half credit! I did it a couple times but not every single day.
7. Keep the end in mind! Make some long-term goal reminders and place them where I will see/remember them. Didn't end up doing this, though I thought several times this past week how useful it would be. Sigh. Maybe next week.

8. Work out x3. Half credit. Worked out twice.
9. 9,000 steps/day goal. Big fail apparently. Only averaged about 6700/day. However, I didn't wear my FitBit fully each day so not all my steps were counter. I'll be honest though, even with those extra steps I'm pretty sure I didn't reach my goal. I've been lazy lately.

10. No fast food or restaurants alllll week. Psssshhh....I don't know why I make this goal anymore. I'm a horrible eater. Lol.

11. Work on OPERATION: PROJECT LIFE CATCH UP! I got prepared to work on it, but no -- I didn't work on this yet. Half credit, right?
12. Work on #30lists book. (Oh, and sign up for #30lists!) Yes! And got my book all ready for September!
13.  Write 2 blog posts. (This one counts!) Yep!

Weekly Goals


1. (Motherhood) Read at least 3 books together everyday.
2. (Family) Plan something special for next weekend. (My weekend off!)
3. (Marriage) Game night at least twice and a movie at least once.

4. Go to bed on time on work nights!
5. Save all receipts/update budget daily. Stick to my budget!
6. Finish reading The Giver and start reading the next book!
7. Be nice to myself.

8. Work out x3.
9. 9,000 steps/day goal.
10. Track all food eaten for at least one day.
11. Drink more water! 

12. Finalize which crafts to make for the Back to Hogwarts Craft Swap.
13.  Write 2 blog posts. (This one counts!)

I'm going to try to be nicer to myself. I've been in such a flux lately with my moods. Monday, let's do this. Let's aim for a lovely week. Not awesome, not kick ass, just a nice lovely week would be perfect. :)
How do you stay motivated when you're feeling bleh?
-Mrs. 246 


  1. Yay, being nice to yourself! You are juggling so much, you totally deserve it. I know that's easy to say from hundreds of miles away...but I do hope you'll take some bubble baths and do some fun things for you:) My greatest hope in bleh times is that good days really do follow bad days. This has also been true in babyland--I forget the fussy days as soon as they're over! I miss being in touch with you and everyone as much as I was before he was born, but eventually I hope I can get back to it! I love these newborn days, but I know I'll love the days with more of a routine too:) World's longest comment alert! :) Sending hugs!

    1. Bubble baths! Yes, that's definitely what I need! As for babyland, I find it to be some sort of time and space vortex from "real life" and that's completely okay. I was thinking just tonight about you and Micah and how sad I am that I'll never have that "first child" infancy baby time back again. Lol. I'm jealous that you get to be in it right now. Haha. I am glad you are soaking it all in so well! You'll come back to everyone eventually but for now you just soak in all the baby goodness you can. :)

      Anyway, I know you're crazy busy, but are you doing 30 Days of Lists this year? Lol.