Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ruffled Polka Dot Toddler Dress!

When I saw this pattern at Joann's I immediately fell in love with it. I had visions of Luna prancing about barefoot with flowers in her hair having a fairy tale childhood. Truthfully (and sadly), that's just not the type of life we live but I still made my attempt at the dress. And when it was all done she pranced about the zoo in tennis shoes just fine. Maybe not as magical I had originally planned but good enough!

I started this dress waaaaaay back in February. I did about 85% of it in a day or two -- the only thing I had left to do were the bottom ruffles. I finished the bottom last week. As you can see, there is only one ruffle. It caused me so much hatred that I refused to do the second ruffle for my own sanity.

I think I would enjoy sewing more if I had more patience. And skill. I always love having something nicely done in the end but the process, in my opinion, is more work than relaxation. I don't think my skill or experience makes it for a relaxing time.

Luna's Play Dress:
  • Fabric: Stone Hill Dot Green and white leftover fabric I had.
  • Time: 5 hours total (Estimated.)
  • Size: Supposed to be about 2T but it fit a tad bigger.
  • Fun: 6/10. I honestly think I just don't care for sewing that much. The only reason it's a 6 is because Luna looks so gosh darn cute in it. Buuuut, I did learn alot while making it!
  • Techniques I Learned: I always learn as I go. In this project I learned: how to make ruffles/gathering, how to do a lined yoke, and afterwards I learned I should have used some sort of rolled/folded seam on the bottom ruffle because there is some major fraying after washing. :(
  • Pattern: McCall's All-Sizes-In-One-Envelope Toddler Tops/Pants/Dress/Shorts/Capris
  • Help: Google. I am not the one to ask for help. Haha.
Thanks for looking! If you (or someone you know) has made any cute super easy toddler girl dresses and have some sort of tutorial online leave a link and let me know! I'm open to trying new patterns!

- Mrs. 246


  1. I am seriously impressed! I got a sewing machine last November and have yet to learn. I have sewn several pieces of scraps together though..

  2. Thanks! The actual SEWING is's the cutting out and figuring how everything is supposed to fit together properly that's the hard part. Haha. And sewing together several scraps could also be the beginning of a crazy quilt. Lol.