Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekly Goals {Week 33}

Okay, I'm not gonna lie -- I kicked Week 32's butt. I've come the closest I ever have to completing all my goals for this week. You may wonder what changed and brought on this sudden surge of motivation and perserverance and I credit two new changes to my success.
  1. I got a new planner. I love it. It's nothing particularly fancy but I like the colors and I like the amount of space. I enjoyed using it all week and crossing things off and it just worked lovely. 
  2. I created a "Goals" table in an Evernote note. I made a table to keep track of my goals and other information for the week and I filled it in every day. (Goals/info tracked: weight, steps, amount of water drank, did I go to the gym, did I blog, did I complete my journal, did I go to bed on time, did I track my expenses). It was kind of fun to fill it in everyday and it was a good visual device to see how I was doing and what else needed to be done.
I plan on doing the same thing this week. Slooooowly I am become more organized. It's not necessarily organization that is an issue for me (or anyone really) but finding some sort of organization or system that works for yourself. I'm hoping maybe that I've actually found it.


1. Do a painting project with Luna at least once. Yes! I had Luna do a little watercoloring and she liked it! Last time we tried painting she wasn't that into it but we'll definitely be doing more soon!
2. Family outing next Saturday on my weekend off! Success! We went to the San Francisco Zoo yesterday and had a blast! We even had some time to go walk along the beach as well. :)
3. I thought of a fun little goal. I'll keep it a secret til next week in case he decides to read this. Hehe. My secret goal was to write little notes to Ryan all week. Truthfully, I had one day with multiple notes but I'm still counting it as a success because I managed to fit in at least something small and sweet to do for Ryan.

4. Go to bed on time on work nights! I actually did this! My body was very grateful as well.
5. Save all receipts/update budget daily. Stick to my budget! I did this too! We're using "You Need a Budget" and it's actually kind of fun to do. Already managed to save a big chunk of my savings goal for this month.
6. Read and reflect every night before bed. Take much needed mental breaks. Maybe perhaps not the relaxing I imagined but I was successful in crocheting and watching PLL before bed each night. When you're into a show it takes you to a different world that's not your own. To me that's the best kind of mental break.

7. Work out x3.Success! I know I was making it my goal to go 4x a week before but it was much more manageable for me to go only 3 times. It gives me a cherished afternoon back. And also the opportunity to just not go to the gym after work if I've had a long terrible day.
8. 8,500 steps/day goal. Killed it! My average was 10464 steps/day!
9. No fast food for the rest of the week. (Except for possible Saturday family outing.) Largest fail of the week. I broke this goal earlier in the week and then said "Screw it!" for the rest of it. (Side note: since I'm tracking all my expenses, I can actually see and visualize the ridiculous amount of money we've spent in this first 10 days of August on restaurants/fast food and I am newly motivated to start fresh for this week.)

10. Send off Yarndale mandala. Check! You can read more about it here!
11. Three more colors on my granny stripe blanket. (Note to self: I'm on dark purple right now.) Check! And now I've started on this amazingly awesome toddler sweater for Luna.
12.  Write 2 blog posts. (This one counts!) Check! I even wrote three posts this week. Wahoo!


Weekly Goals


1. (Motherhood) Find and do a book-related craft with Luna.
2. (Family) Have official family dinners every night.
3. (Marriage) Mr. 246 is on break between semesters for the next two weeks so my goal is to spend some quality time in the evenings since he won't be studying!

4. Go to bed on time on work nights!(Continued from last week!)
5. Save all receipts/update budget daily. Stick to my budget! (Continued from last week!)
6. Keep utilizing new planner daily!
7. Write a "Two Minute Journal" each day.

8. Work out x3.
9. 9,000 steps/day goal.
10. No fast food or restaurants alllll week.

11. Finish (or at least finish 75%) of Luna's sweater.
12. Plan out next month or so of crafts that need attending to.
13. Catch up and post on the Harry Potter Craftalong.
14.  Write 2 blog posts. (This one counts!)

Let's see if I can keep up the momentum from last week! Could I possibly complete 100% of this week's goals?! We shall see!

What's your number one goal to finish this week?

-Mrs. 246


  1. Love your Erin Condren planner (I have one too.) And I use YNAB also! It's such a great budgeting tool, but we are trying to catch up since we added baby #2 and she is now in daycare. :-(

    1. Thanks! As for husband used it before and I wanted nothing to do with it. Budgeting just doesn't sound FUN. Lol. I surprised myself though...soon as I decided to take the plunge I've actually been enjoying it. It's almost like a game. Good luck on your savings goals and thanks for stopping by!