Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Little Bit of Unfucking

I've come across a blog/site called Unfuck Your Habitat a couple months ago. It's one of the feeds I follow on my Google Reader and keeps me continually motivated to do some "unfucking" from time to time. It's a funny and snarky way of tackling your cleaning and your house. It also makes you feel okay that you don't have a Pinterest-worthy household...which I don't. (Although, once you start looking at some people's before and afters...I'm not nearly so bad.)

I even enjoy the small "unfuckings" that people submit. They motivate me to do even some small changes every once in a while. With both of us working and a very mobile baby, it's hard to do more than the minimum but occasionally I get around to it.

Here's a couple small (and I mean small changes) I've done recently. Here's a little Before and After of straightening one of the living room bookshelves...

Here's a before and after of my side of the closet that needed to get done...

None part of our apartment gets especially bad or anything, just sometimes areas done get enough loving so small changes are all it needs. Here's the toilet/shelf area of the master bathroom...(Yea...I need to get some color in this place, huh?)

BathroomBefore After

Okay, two more...these are from a good couple weeks ago. (Spring cleaning is quite a long process around here!) Unfortunately, there aren't any "Before and Afters." The kitchen usually isn't terrible since we have no choice other than to keep it clean because it's so small. Haha.

There's only three vases on the ledge in the above picture (on the ledge above the stove), the next day or so, I got more! I loved when I had all these yellow flowers. There were FIVE different types of yellow flowers at one time. I felt rich! I would stand there counting: "One, two, three, four, FIVE different yellow flowers! Ryan, look! Look how neat it is! Five different types! All yellow!" The novelty of it all didn't wear out for me at all. I miss those flowers. Haha!  Here they are in all their glory:


No "before" on this one either. Just imagine lots of toothpaste spashes on the mirror, long hair from me shedding, short hair from Ryan's facial hair trimming, and all around disgustingness:

There you have it! I've unfucked a bit over the past month or so...emphasis on the word "bit." I've been enjoying life, however, and that I believe is more important than a spotless house.

Until I post again...have a lovely day!

-Ms. 246

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