Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Long Weekend

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Ahhh...a long weekend. Ryan even had the luxury of a four day weekend. We had a good weekend -- very busy at some moments (finished my afghan!), very lazy at others (watched way too much tv).

As for Memorial Day: Our town does a huge Memorial Day memorial and activities every year so we visited that. The memorial itself is always sad, but all the military geared stuff always makes me proud. Up above is Ms. Luna Bean and her grandpa (my dad) -- he's a veteran from the Navy, as well as my brother. Luckily they both came home safe from their travels. It's sad to see the visuals they had up (the names on the wall, and the crosses in the field) of all those who never did come back.

For more happy things: Luna can clap! She can almost throw! And we've been eating cherries like they're going out of style. (It's cherry season!)

Thanks for stopping by!

-Ms. 246

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