Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mean Girls (aka Poop Chip Story)

I don't talk much about work but I have a work(ish) related story today. Why do I have a picture from Mean Girls as part of the intro for this post? Because this story is about some mean girls. Mean, hateful, scum of life, thought-7th-grade-girls-were-bad-well-this-is-worse type girls. What they did is soooo hateful and mean and terrible I'm not even sure what punishment would be suitable, because I feel like even the "bad" kids wouldn't do something so terrible.

What did they do? Let me tell you....

Today, at one of my schools, a group of 7th grade girls got together and decided it would be a brilliant idea to take one of the nacho chips that were for lunch today and "dip" it in poop like it was a delicious bean dip or something. Then....they gave it to a special ed student to eat. Who, in turn, ate the poop-dip chip.

Every time I thought about what they did this afternoon it made me sick to my stomach and on the verge of tears. At no point did one of these girls think "Hey, this is a terrible idea and we're terrible people and shouldn't do this?" Were none of them strong enough to stand up to their friends? Or were they are such hateful people that the thought didn't even cross their mind.

The poor special ed student...I can just imagine the scene in my mind: the kid eats the chip and there's a bunch of people staring and laughing behind his back and he's oblivious to it all, happy as can be, eating a chip. Perhaps once he started eating it he realized it and notified someone, or maybe spit the chip out. (I'm sure more laughter and ridicule occurred if this is what happened.) I'm unsure of the details at this point. I'm sure the kid has dealt with humiliation and ridicule his whole life. I feel so bad for him. And his parents. Imagine if someone did this to your kid.

The whole execution of the plan is sickening as well. First of all, one of them had to publicly poop, I assume. I'm also doubting gloves are some sort of accessory standard for 7th grade girls, so one of them had to take their bare hand and scoop up poop...with a fucking chip. Then carry it to wherever the special ed kid was. Here again, at no point did any of them decide that they should abort this plan?

I've worked in schools for two years now. I know most of kids these days are far more ridiculous than when I was a kid, but I never, ever would have guessed that this generation is so bad to accomplish something as mean-hearted and cruel and disgusting as this. It made me lose a little hope today.

I hate ill-wishing on anyone, especially children but I hope karma is 100% real and this comes back to them.

-Ms. 246

P.S. One of my new parenting goals is to not raise the kind of girl who would give out poop chips for a good laugh. (Not that I thought I was headed down that path currently...)


  1. This makes me sad. Pure hate and ignorance. Hope they learn a lesson from school admins and especially their parents.