Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beer Brats and Books


We went to the library again this afternoon. We had our last set of books to return. I love taking Luna to the library because she has such a blast. They have a whole little area that's baby friendly where she can just crawl around and play. They even have little bookshelves right there at baby level that have all their board books in them. Luna was more interested in the "bead on a wire" contraption. So much fun.

Our small town, hillbilly library even had a board book that was about having two mommies so of course I got it for her. Mr. 246 thought I was weird, but I thought that it was neat that they even had one.

Also, allow Luna to show you her dinner....her developing sense of taste is coming along quite nicely. Tonight she gladly ate steamed onions and bell peppers with a side of beer bratwurst. Oh, then she washed it down with some taco meat and a little bit of "Apples and Prunes" baby food. Stomach of steel, I'm tellin' ya...

"I love beer brats!"


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