Sunday, July 21, 2013

Five Days Until the Wedding (Also, I have a TODDLER!)

Isn't that adorable? Luna was helping Mr. 246 plant some succulents for the wedding. They're going to be name tags for the reception table as well as wedding favors.

We have 5 days left and I am stressed. I may have forgotten to mention that my wedding dress that I specially ordered online on Etsy never came. So I had to buy another dress last Wednesday from a dress shop. Of course then my dress arrives 2 days later. So now instead of having no dress, I now have two. And I'm $500 poorer. Ahhh, the joys of weddings, right? I keep swaying back and forth from being super excited to being on the verge of losing my shit.

In other news, I officially have a toddler. She's been walking pretty good for weeks, but this past week or so we've been taking her on a lot more walks and she is getting fast.

There was an incident today however. It involved a face plant to the sidewalk. Poor Bean was in shock after it happened. She has a little scrape on her eye, cheek, and nose. There was blood. She was a trooper though. I even think it's minor enough, she should be good to go for wedding pictures Friday. You can kind of see her eye in this one. It's super hard to get a picture of her today. She is on the move!

She is learning so much everyday. I can't believe it and I can hardly keep up with all the new stuff she's learning. It's so neat to watch her turn into a little person.

Anyways, I'll catch up with you all later. We're making a family trip to the bookstore again. Mr. 246 has suddenly decided at the lovely age of 25 that he'd like to read a graphic novel or comic book for the first time. Hahaha. I'm supportive though, so we're going with. Plus, summer clearance at Barnes and Nobles is 75% off right now. Off we go!

- Soon to be MRS. 246!


  1. Yay for having a toodler! Boo boos happen especially once they are independent more and on the move. Harper sports a bruise on her head 24-7! Yay also for 5 more days and not losing your shit yet! Haha! So which dress are you going to wear? I hope you leave the etsy shop negative feedback. Other brides need to be weary.

    1. Thanks for the comment! It always makes me so happy when I know someone off in internet land is listening. :)

      I'm sure Luna will start having some bruises to match Harper's very soon. As for the dress, it's a secret! Mr. 246 hasn't seen either dress in person, but he knows what the one I ordered looks like. He'll see me on the wedding day, but he won't know what I'll be wearing. I definitely post some pictures! And yes, negative feedback will be given for sure!