Saturday, July 13, 2013

The County Fair!


I had fun editing some pictures tonight if you couldn't tell. It's all part of my new crafting obsession. Need photos. Lots of photos. It's good because it's really motivating me to take more pictures. (I promise...I'll make a post real soon and share my new love.)

I love love love the last picture. Doesn't it look like she's looking at a fairy?

The cow and goat pictures were taken at the county fair. I wanted to go just to check out the quilts and crafts and photos and animals. (Not much, right? Hehe.) I love county fairs, except it was hot today. 100+ degrees. We were worn out when all was said and done just from the heat alone. Hopefully, when Luna's older and we're back in the midwest, I would like it if she would be interested in 4H. I think the whole concept and activities of 4H are so neat. I also wish we could have stayed longer until tonight because....Weird Al Yankovich was performing tonight! Haha. Does anybody remember him?

Moving I say every year after I go to the fair: "I'm totally going to enter something next year!" I really want to. I think it's really neat to do. Maybe I'll enter an afghan, or a photo or two. Maybe I'm an asshole, but I like to look around at the entries and say to myself, "I could do better than that!"

Before I add "enter something into the county fair" to my mile long list of hopes and dreams, I've got to finish this wedding stuff. Goal for tomorrow: finish writing ceremony. Wish me luck.

Please feel free to leave any links to any of your recent pictures! I love looking at what everyone else is up to.

-Ms. 246