Friday, July 12, 2013

San Diego Trip and a Quick Recap on Life

Okay, so I'm a little late on the update but it's been a crazy week. We got back late Sunday night. (Side note: It took five hours longer to get home because of traffic. And, just to brag -- I drove through LA traffic myself and we all survived!)

We had a great trip (we went to San Diego if you didn't see my last post). We went down for a family reunion. It was crazy to meet so many people you're related to but you don't really know any of them. Haha.

In order to save time, here's some lists!

Highlights of the Trip:
  • Meeting so many welcoming family members
  • Ryan took Luna to hang out near the pool so I could get all prettied up for something and he came back to the hotel room with Luna wearing his t-shirt as a diaper. Hahaha. I was cracking up. His response: "Yea...she really wanted to go swimming so then she needed a new diaper." I love it.
  • Going to the San Diego Zoo! It was such a short trip we didn't have time for much but we succeeded in our one goal: making it to the zoo. You could easily spend two days just at the zoo. We walked around all day and we probably only saw a third. 
  • Watching Luna enjoy herself at the zoo. She loved all the animals and liked to yell and wave at them (as well as yelling at other people). She got very upset once she realized we weren't going to watch flamingos all day. She really enjoyed watching them. I think her other favorite animals were the bear and the zebra.
  • Taking Luna to walk in the ocean for the first time. (Well...kind of. It was a port/bay area...but it's ocean water, right? Maybe we ought to go the beach again sometime soon.)

Highlights of this Past Week:
  • Monday we got settled back in from the trip. Ryan had to go back to work already though.
  • Tuesday we got our marriage license!!! We dropped Luna off at daycare and went to the county courthouse and got us a license. Yippee!
  • Wednesday I bought a wedding dress. Yes, you heard me right. My wedding is in two weeks and I just bought a dress. I ordered the dress of my dreams online from Etsy and it's not looking promising. They keep saying they're sending it (it's about a month late at this point) and it keeps not arriving at my doorstep. So yea...I bought a new dress. It fits well, just needs hemmed!
  • Thursday I went to the town we're getting married in and got my hair trial done. That wasn't the best part...the best part was wandering about downtown by myself when I was done. I had lunch and went antiquing. I got some old books, a needlepoint to hang in our kitchen (just needs a new frame), and some really old copies of crafty/crochet magazines. 
  • Today (Friday!) was a lovely day. I worked a ton on my latest crafting endeavor, Luna took some killer naps, and we wandered about Joann Fabrics and Costco, enjoying their air conditioning from the hot weather.
Whew! So there you have it. I've got so much going on lately, it's hard to keep up. I do, however, have two new crafting obsessions I will be making a post about soon. Squeee! I'm excited to share.
What's everyone else been crafting up lately?

Thanks for stopping by!
-Ms. 246


  1. Looks like a great trip!! I love the zoo! Glad Luna really enjoyed it too. Sorry about your wedding dress. At least you can leave negative feedback or file a PayPal dispute. Looking forward to what you have in the works! I've been EPPing hexies all week ;)

    1. I filed a PayPal dispute this morning. I'm not sure if it will help anything or not since it is longer than 45 days since I made the purchase. (It was a custom made dress.) I'm gonna run over to your blog right now to check on the hexies!