Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekly Goals {Week 15}

Ahhh Monday! I welcome you today, Monday, for you will be giving me a second chance. I didn't do so well on my goals this week. At least, not as good as I would have liked.

You know how I started running and I was super motivated? There's been an interruption to my progress. Last week I ran four times. The last time I ran it was raining so I decided I would go use the treadmill at the apartment gym. It turns out that it was a terrible idea. I injured both my knees by running on the treadmill. Since I am just beginning to run, my body is already in a "delicate" state. After much research I found that sometimes people run differently on a treadmill than out in the real world and sometimes that difference is no good. In my case, it was no good.

I'm really down about the whole thing. I was doing so well. I did run one day this past week, thinking (absurdly) that maybe, just maybe, running in the real world would cancel out running on the treadmill. Well, you can probably guess how that went.

I know, I know. Running was one goal. Therefore I should have been okay and just one goal down but that isn't the case. It threw off my whole week in all aspects. Starting to run gave me motivation to do a lot of other things and it really just messed me up.

That's why I'm glad for today....a redemption day. I can make fresh goals and start again! Here's to Week 15!
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LAST WEEK' S GOALS:  10.74/18 met :(

1. Plan and go on a family outing. DONE x 3!!! We went to a Children's Museum, the fair, and went hiking in Big Trees State Park. (All this weekend! Whew...we were busy!)
2. Do a craft of some sort with Lunabean. I never got around to actually planning a specified craft but we did do some coloring and stickers and both storytime and the Children's Museum.
3.One date night (most likely drinks and board games) with Mr. 246.
4. Cook dinner at least twice. I'm going to say yes on this one. I kept a running tally in my head but I can't remember what I cooked. Does it still count? Haha.

PERSONAL (1.84/3)
5. Schedule week and update planner. Yes, I did this after making my weekly goals last week. :)
6. Read new Oprah magazine (one of my favorite de-stressing activities.) Nope. Didn't do this, but I did finish the book I was reading (Lost Lake) and started a new one (The Art of Happiness.) Can we call it half credit?
7. Write in my journal at least 3 days this week. Third credit for this one? I only did it one day.

HEALTH (0.9/5)
8. Walk at least 30 miles. Fail. Only 26 miles. Definitely going to blame this on the knee injury. :(
9. Complete C25K Week 2. Fail. Knee injury. I tried to walk a good bit but I didn't want to push it. I want to give myself the time I need to heal. I did run the first day, and it felt good...until later that night.
10. No fast food. Fail. New Popeye's Chicken opened right by our apartment and we wanted to celebrate Opening Weekend! (So did the rest of the town, apparently. It was packed.)
11. Track food at least 3 days this week. (I use MyFitnessPal. My name is Whistlefishy. Add me!). I tracked two days this week. Does that give me 2/3 points? I say yes. My goals, my rules.
12. Lose 1.5 lbs. (Gasp! Now I have to make it happen. I've declared it on the internet. Lol.) There's always next week!

13. Catch up with HP boards. Yes! Done and there's a new Harry Potter Craft Swap if anyone is interested!
14. Work on SIL birthday present AND send it out. Half credit! It's half done! I couldn't finish because I ran out of supplies.
15. Finish 1/3 of new crochet project. I'm giving myself credit for this one even though I didn't quite make the quota. I was planning on buying some more yarn on Tuesday (when Joann's gets a new shipment) and when I went, they didn't get any in! I had to order it from Amazon and didn't get the yarn until this past Friday, but even though that's the case I'm still proud of how much progress I've made for only working on it this weekend.
16. Finish last week's PL and complete this week's PL. It's probably getting old but this one's another half credit. I finished last week's but I didn't do this past week. Oh well, life happens.
17. Work on creating blogging schedule. Done! I did this when I made up my schedule in my planner. (That doesn't mean that I will follow it though, lol.)
18. Create something with my new Silhouette Sketch Pens. Still haven't broken these out of the case yet. One day I'll get around to it. (I really want to play with them I just haven't had the chance!)


1. Plan and go on a family outing.
2. Plan Luna and I's days together the night before for maximum awesomeness.
3. One date night (most likely drinks and board games) with Mr. 246.
4. Cook dinner at least three times.

5. Continue to read The Art of Happiness.
6. Take a bubblebath sometime this week. :)

8. Walk at least 25 miles.
9. Do knee exercises at least twice.
10. No fast food.
11. Work out at least twice.
12. Wear sunscreen everyday. (It's starting to get hot and sunny! I should have been wearing it the whole time but I'm terrible at it.)
13. Drink at least 7 glasses of water each day. (I'm not aiming for eight. They're big glasses and I drink other things too.)


14. Finish on SIL birthday present AND send it out.
15. Work on crochet project.
16. Print out pictures for PL.

Sixteen goals this week. After this past week's defeat I made some goals easier to boost myself up some. We shall see!
 How do you get back on track after a setback?

- Mrs. 246


  1. I'm so sorry you hurt your knees! Hopefully you can get all your other workout goals in. Does your apt workout facility have an elliptical? Those are easy on the knees a similar to a run workout. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Yes it does! I actually went last night and used the elliptical for a little bit. And the bikes too. They're getting slowly better!

  2. This is totally amazing to me! And inspiring--I seriously can't believe all the stuff you're getting done, and I totally think you should pat yourself on the back:) I am so sorry about the knee injury! I used to get shin splints right when I was getting into a running groove: so frustrating! But since this is an unforeseen change in plans, and was actually caused by you working hard toward your goals, I think you should be extra nice to yourself in the meantime while it heals. Bubble baths and hot chocolate for you!

    1. I did have a bubble bath AND hot chocolate this week so I think I'm on track! Lol. I've been trying to stay active regardless. I used to get shin splints too. They are the worst! I got some from running recently but nothing nearly as bad as I've gotten in the past. Also, I've been working on baby boy's blanket and I think you will love it! I just have to finish it before you have him! Lol.