Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekly Goals {Week 18}

Hello dear friends! It's that time of week again. Almost seems silly to only have two posts a week and for one of them to always be a goal post but at least I'm consistent with one thing, right? 

It was a pretty easy week because I had to work a lot and we were going to go camping but camping this weekend. I'm pretty sad about it. But after checking the weather all week I really wasn't looking forward to camping in a tent with a toddler with an overnight low of 32 degrees. We aren't that hardcore. Then the day before our reservation it was supposed to snow 3 inches the night before. Yea....we're not ready for any sort of camping like that.

I killed it on fitness/weight loss goals. I ate a bit terribly this past weekend but I worked out anyways. I'm hoping to reverse the water weight effects over the next two days. I'm looking forward to this week's goals though!


1. Plan camping/weekend outing trip. I did plan. Part of this involved checking the weather which in turn cancelled our trip.
2. At least one date night. Last night! We went out to dinner then played quite a bit of Skylanders together. Lol.
3. Work on patience and taking a "step back" if I need to before I react. Half credit. I wasn't the best at this during the week. It reminds me of some meme I saw before: "Shit! I forgot to be mindful again!" Story of my life. Haha.

4. Keep up on general cleaning and organization. Get ready the night before. Does "mostly" count? I'm going to say yes.
5. Read a little everyday. Especially something inspiring. :) I've got a couple different books on my nightstand right now. I've read most of them before but they're classic inspiring favorites. I've been reading a teeny bit before bed. (I usually only make it 5-10 minutes before I'm ready for sleep.)
6. Stay positive! In the overall scheme of things: yes. Accomplished.


7. Track all food every day. I get 5/7 on this. The past two days I really haven't been the best. I tracked most of the day but then a terribly delicious meal happened and I gave up tracking that. (I'm talking about you delicious Mexican food and family turkey dinner!)
8. Exercise at least 3x. KILLED IT! I went to Zumba four times and the gym to run/treadmill twice.
9. Wear sunscreen everyday. (It's starting to get hot and sunny! I should have been wearing it the whole time but I'm terrible at it.)  Failure. I wasn't in the sun that much if that counts for something. I only put it on when I was going out and about for something when I knew I'd be outside.
10. Make all FitBit goals everyday (10,000 steps/day, 5 miles/day, 30 Active Minutes/day) Other than the tracking food, this was the hardest goal of the week. Most days I'd make my 10,000 steps but it'd say I still had another 1.5 miles to go. Ugh. There was two days where I really just wanted to sit on the couch but I didn't want to break my streak so I went and did it anyways. So yes. I DID IT.
11. Walk at least 37 miles. Kicked this goal's butt too! Total for the week: 40.11!


12. Work on crochet project. Check! Although I think next week I may make an inches goal to get a bit more done.
13. Do two assignments for First Astronomy and Herbology assignments have been turned in! :)
14. Three blog posts. I'm getting really quite terrible about this.
15. Read and catch up on blog reading list at least every other day. Done!


                                 THIS WEEK'S GOALS:

1. One quality date night.
2. Clean the master bathroom. A very thorough hardcore clean is much needed and I've been putting it off. I'm putting it under "family" because I'm pretty sure everyone will benefit.
3. Find one new activity to do with Luna this week.  

4. Read a little bit of something inspiring every day.
5. Plan my days out in advance.
6. More of a to-do list item but it must be done since I am now completely out of birth control (which is making me very fatigued and just "off" in general): Make doctor's appointment so I may have a refill!

7. Weight lift at least twice.
8. Go to a yoga class.
9. Track food everyday. Even if I "mess up" I need to track it.
10. 8 glasses of water a day! 
11. Log 41 miles this week.


12. Catch up on blogs at least every other day.
13. Update HP classes on HPC.
14. Submit projects for HPC.
15. Submit at least one assignment for HogwartsIsHere.
16. Take more pictures. 
17. Edit at least some PL photos.
18. Do at least 4 inches of crochet blanket.

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