Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekly Goals {Week 17}

Hello, hello! I've been a bad blogger again and haven't been blogging as much (and today's post is late). I'm really going to try harder to post more this week. (Even if it means staying up all night to pre-write some posts!) I'd say the success of this week was my health! I joined a gym. I got all my steps in every day. I tracked my food everyday. And I lost five pounds. 

Other highlights of this week included Hogwarts Is Here, which I'm super pumped about. I think I'll discuss my HP love further in depth in another post, but let me tell you...big things are happening! Lol. 

I also worked a lot this past week. And PMS'd. So there were some ups and downs and much fatigue, but I've quite glad I've got this upcoming weekend off.

Beautiful Luna

“If you raise your children to feel that they can accomplish any goal or task they decide upon, you will have succeeded as a parent and you will have given your children the greatest of all blessings.” Brian Tracy
LAST WEEK' S GOALS:  12/17 met!
1. Do something nice for Mr. 246. It may be silly, but I took one for the team and folded the laundry. Both Mr. 246 and I hate folding laundry. Our laundry piled up and we had about 5 clean loads. Umm...yea. I sat down, turned on Long Island Medium and went to town. Lol. I'd say he appreciates it. :)
2. Take Luna for a walk every day. I didn't keep exact track of this but I'm going to say yes. I'm pretty sure we did. But I know for sure there were 2-3 days when we went on at least two walks.
3. Cook dinner at least two times.  I don't think I did this. I know I cooked once, but I'm not sure if I cooked twice. I worked all weekend and I can't remember last week. Lol.
4. Replant seedlings with Luna. I replanted what was left of the seedlings. I had to move them to the shade and the snails went to town. I don't know why I bother with seedlings. The snails think it's their personal feast.

5. Take a bubblebath sometime this week. :) Yep!
6. Take a guilt free nap. Yep!
7. Continue to read Awakening to the Sacred. Yep!

8. Do knee exercises at least once. Uh, nope.
9. No fast food. I had In-N-Out and I don't regret it. I fit it within my calorie budget and it was delicious!
10. Work out at least twice. Check! I even joined the gym! Woo!
11. Wear sunscreen everyday. (It's starting to get hot and sunny! I should have been wearing it the whole time but I'm terrible at it.) Yes! Go me!
12. Make 10,000 steps goal every day. I killed it! My average steps for this past week was 12,337/day. I made it a point to get at least 10,000 steps, 5 miles, 30 active minutes every single day.
13. Walk at least 30 miles. 37.47 miles!

14. Work on crochet project. Yep! Although I need to do a lot more.
15. Print out pictures for PL. I'm getting quite behind on PL. I'll probably still be behind on this week.
16. Three blog posts. Another fail.
17. Send out SIL birthday project. (Only two weeks late. Lol.) Finally!! It is officially sent out!


1. Plan camping/weekend outing trip.
2. At least one date night.
3. Work on patience and taking a "step back" if I need to before I react.

4. Keep up on general cleaning and organization. Get ready the night before.
5. Read a little everyday. Especially something inspiring. :)
6. Stay positive!


7. Track all food every day.
8. Exercise at least 3x.
9. Wear sunscreen everyday. (It's starting to get hot and sunny! I should have been wearing it the whole time but I'm terrible at it.)
10. Make all FitBit goals everyday (10,000 steps/day, 5 miles/day, 30 Active Minutes/day)
11. Walk at least 37 miles.


12. Work on crochet project.
13. Do two assignments for HogwartsIsHere.com
14. Three blog posts.
15. Read and catch up on blog reading list at least every other day.

Fifteen goals is kind of light for this week but I've got to work a couple days and we're going to Yosemite for camping Saturday (cross your fingers that it doesn't rain!). I think this week is doable. We shall see!

- Mrs. 246


  1. Luna is getting so big with lots of hair! Cutie!!!

    1. She is! Almost 2 now! I just wish her bangs would grow out so I can make a proper pony tail.

  2. Totally impressed, as always! Your step count and activity level sound amazing, and congrats on the weight loss! I'm with you--an indulgence every now and then is a good thing as long as it's in moderation (says the girl who keeps stuffing her face with easter candy!) And I am totally pumped to hear more about Hogwarts is Here! Sigh, how wonderful it would be to really go there! ;)

    1. You're allowed to stuff your face with Easter candy. Lol. As for Hogwarts, I'm super pumped. I got A's on both my first assignments. I may write some more essay's this week. Online Hogwarts may be by far the dorkiest thing I've done online, but also one of the most fun.