Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekly Goals {Week 16}

I kept pretty busy this week. Luna was lovely all week. I worked twice. We went to Yosemite. I was productive most days. I ate well most days. I was active most days. My mood was good most days. I'd say, all in all, a damn good week. I'm going to thank the outdoors for this bout of good spirits. Too bad I have to work this upcoming weekend and can't go play again. Oh well.

Week 16 Goal Quote
LAST WEEK' S GOALS:  13.5/16 met!

1. Plan and go on a family outing. Yes! We went to Yosemite!!
2. Plan Luna and I's days together the night before for maximum awesomeness. I did really well at this except for one day, Friday. I'll call it a win! When you have a toddler, planning out some activities (no matter how small) really helps break up the day.
3. One date night (most likely drinks and board games) with Mr. 246. I didn't have drinks but we did play Skylanders together. Mr. 246 found the game for sale and it was really fun. Too bad I was exhausted from work and went to sleep early. (Sometimes you just can't help it!)
4. Cook dinner at least three times. I did it! I made Crock Pot Chicken Chili, Santa Fe Turkey Stuffed Peppers, and tilapia.

5. Continue to read The Art of Happiness. Done! Although I started reading Awakening to the Sacred for about the 4th time. (It's just so good!! It's in my top 5 favorite books, for sure.)
6. Take a bubblebath sometime this week. :) Done! And it was lovely. I think I may even do it again this week!

8. Walk at least 25 miles. 35.22 miles! We walked over 10 miles just at Yosemite alone. That was with 5 hours of driving. Pretty good! 
9. Do knee exercises at least twice. Half points. I did them once!
10. No fast food. Success! We did go to Chili's once because I got a gift card but that was it. :)
11. Work out at least twice. I went to the gym on Thursday and I'm counting Saturday in Yosemite as one big, long workout. Lol.
12. Wear sunscreen everyday. (It's starting to get hot and sunny! I should have been wearing it the whole time but I'm terrible at it.) Half points! I think I wore sunscreen most days but I can't exactly remember and I'm going to guess I at least forgot once.
13. Drink at least 7 glasses of water each day. (I'm not aiming for eight. They're big glasses and I drink other things too.) Yes! The first week I don't make tracking food a goal I end up tracking my food most days. Lol. I tracked water too and I was surprised that I drink 8 glasses pretty much anyways. Occasionally I'll need encouragement but for the most part I drink water pretty well.


14. Finish on SIL birthday present AND send it out. Half points. It's done, just not sent out.
15. Work on crochet project. Made a little progress. I work on crochet while I watch TV and I didn't watch too much TV this week.
16. Print out pictures for PL. I didn't do this. It was a pretty busy week and I have a ton of pictures to go through. It seemed daunting everytime I thought about it. Lol.


1. Do something nice for Mr. 246.
2. Take Luna for a walk every day.
3. Cook dinner at least two times. 
4. Replant seedlings with Luna.


5. Take a bubblebath sometime this week. :)
6. Take a guilt free nap.
7. Continue to read Awakening to the Sacred.


8. Do knee exercises at least once.
9. No fast food.
10. Work out at least twice.
11. Wear sunscreen everyday. (It's starting to get hot and sunny! I should have been wearing it the whole time but I'm terrible at it.)
12. Make 10,000 steps goal every day.
13. Walk at least 30 miles.


14. Work on crochet project.
15. Print out pictures for PL.
16. Three blog posts.
17. Send out SIL birthday project. (Only two weeks late. Lol.)

Seventeen goals this week. My predictions on what will be the hardest: 10,000 step goal, PL pictures. The easiest: nap time!

- Mrs. 246


  1. Three cheers for nap time! As always, I am super impressed! And happy you are taking bubble baths--they are so good for the soul! I hope your knee is getting better! And I totally need to wear sunscreen too..totally got burned this weekend, ack!

  2. My knees are much better. I can do everything except run now. I tried it just a day or two ago and decided it wasn't time to push it yet. Lol. As for sunscreen, I'm trying really hard. I don't do much beauty stuff but the one thought that sticks with me is that sun damage is probably the worst and my skin will thank me later.