Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekly Goals {Week 22}

So, remember last week when I thought setting 18 goals for one week when I was coming out of a funk was a bit much? It kind of was. I went to work an extra day too so that threw things a bit off as well.

I'm definitely cutting back on making so many goals this week. Maybe I'll just focus on the top things I reeeally want to get done. Plus, I'm working 4 days this week (T, Sa, Su, M) so that kind of limits things as well.

But first, let's look at how I did last week! (And yes, I'm going to calculate percentages because so many things were only partially done. Haha. Every bit counts, right?)



1. One quality date night. Yes! Multiple date nights thanks to our new Skylanders addiction. Lol.
2. Make dinner at least three times. Uh....I'm trying to think back and I may have not cooked dinner at all this week. I think twice I got things all ready then Ryan ended up cooking it. It's more delicious that way anyway. He's a much better cook.
3. Minimize extra spending. Half credit. I worked an extra couple hours on Friday and in my mind that money directly went into my pocket for fun stuff instead of spending.
4. Take more pictures and videos! Success! Not my most photo/video heavy week but considering we didn't do a ton I did pretty well. Just making a more conscious effort definitely helped.

5. Savor, enjoy, and finish the new Artful Blogging issue. Yes! Love that magazine!
6. Plan my days out in advance. Does mentally planning count? I'm gonna say yes.
7. Take a moment before reacting to certain situations. Mind my emotional responses. The hole-in-the-door incident happened before I made this goal. (Which is why the goal was made in the first place. Haha.) I didn't do the greatest on this goal though. I worked on it but wasn't as successful as I would have liked.
8. Take a break to do whatever I want if I need to. Even if it's not what I had planned on. Yes! This is a funny goal. It's the goal that is met when the others are ignored. Lol.

9. Work out x 5. (Maybe Zumba 3x, and running/weight lifting 2x) I did Zumba 3x, yoga 1x, and running x1!
10. Track steps again. Aim for 10,000 a day. 4/7 days. Eh. I had almost a month of 10,000+ steps/day and now I didn't even do a week. Eh. Laziness happens.
11. Track food at least 5 days. Definitely did not happen.
12. Go to bed by 10:30pm on work nights. A definite fail and I've been paying for it ever since.

13. Catch up on blogs at least every other day. Done! :D
14. Submit projects for HPC. Nope. Didn't do. The thought of looking through pictures seemed a bit too much.
15. Submit at least one assignment for HogwartsIsHere. I didn't do this either. I had a lot of busy nights.
16. Finish PL pages up through April 13. Done! I'll show them off soon!
17. Finish main part of crochet blanket. (Wish me luck here! I haven't been watching nearly enough television to complete it. Lol.) TV watching was very minimal. I didn't touch the blanket all week. Ooops.
18. Write 3 blog posts. (This one counts!) I did four! AND a new layout! (Do you like it?) Do I get bonus points?


Weekly Goals


1. Plan and do one new activity with Luna.
2. Make dinner twice. (I'm starting smaller this week. Haha.)
3. Give Mr. 246 quality uninterrupted time to work on his classes.

4. Give myself one "free" night to be lazy and do whatever. No guilt!
5. Get ready the night before for work.

6. Work out x4. I have to work so much I'm going to be easy on myself.
7. Track steps again. Aim for 9,000 a day. (See...I'm aiming a bit lower this week. Whatever works, right?)
8. Go to bed by 10:30pm on work nights.

9. Catch up on blogs at least every other day.
10. Submit projects for HPC.
11. Do at least 3 rows on crochet blanket. (See? Aiming lower. Last week's goal was to finish it. Haha.)
12.  Write 3 blog posts. (This one counts!)

BONUS GOALS: Since I'm aiming lower on my goals this week I have a couple bonus goals - things I'd like to get done if I have time-ish but aren't as important.
    *Submit at least one assignment for HogwartsIsHere.
    *Do next week of PL pages.
    *Finish crochet blanket.

Aiming lower this week feels good. No need to get crazy each week. We all need to breathe and give ourselves breaks every now and then, right? Happy Monday! What's your big goal for the week that you'd like to accomplish? Go forth and conquer!

-Mrs. 246


  1. Awesome! Sometimes I like to aim low too--less intimidating, and then I get to seriously pat myself on the back if I go beyond my goal! I made a list of things to do yesterday, and...I did one of them! So today will be Monday 2.0, I guess! Have a great week!

    1. I don't even think aiming low is going to help me this week. Lol. The week is half over and I'm not doing so hot. I didn't plan on getting sick. I would have aimed even lower, like maybe to just survive. Lol. I hope your Monday 2.0 went well. Sometimes it's hard to get things done when you're pregnant because sometimes you just don't want to do anything. Other times it's hard to get stuff done because you're too focused on getting random non-essential things done. (Nesting!) Hope your week is going well too!