Thursday, May 29, 2014

Project Life: Yosemite Trip Documented!

Yosemite PL 01

This past weekend I finally got around to putting our Yosemite Trip into my Project Life book. I didn't have an exact idea of how I wanted it all to look (I'm more of a figure-out-as-I-go scrapper) and it took the greater part of an evening because it just wasn't looking "right." Ever get like that? There was lots of trial and error involved but I'm pretty pleased with the end result.

So above is the layout with the inserts. Below is the layout without the inserts.

Yosemite PL 02

Originally I wanted that first picture to span both pages put it wasn't the right dimensions to make it that long. :( Maybe next time I take panoramas I'll make a super long one so I have that option. The page protector comes in a 10 pack from We R Memory Keepers.

This quote sums up our nature trips perfectly. Sometimes you just have to head to the mountains.

The clear Yosemite quote sticker above was actually taken from this Yosemite scrapbooking sticker pictured below. When we were at one of the gift shops I found it on a little sidecap and of course had to buy it. (I thought it was multiple stickers when I bought it but it was actually one giant one so I cut it up and used it as I pleased.)

Below are some shots from the car ride there. I wanted to journal something about the road trip on the way there and as I was working on the layout I yelled to Ryan:

"Hey, was there any interesting I can journal about the car ride there?" 
"Wasn't that the ride where Luna puked every where?!"

This trip was only a month and a half ago. Isn't it funny how quickly we forgot little details and stories? That's one reason I'm definitely glad I am doing Project Life. I don't want to forget anything. Even Luna's first real puking experience.

Ahhh...journaling cards. I originally was going to go with plain white Becky Higgins Grid Cards and dress them up. I started to do that but it just looked so out of place. All these nature-y pictures and -- BAM! Bright white in-your-face! It didn't look right. None of the cards I had looked right. I looked through my 6x6 and 12x12 scrapbook paper - none of the greens/browns worked quite right. I finally settled on this yellow patterned paper and accented it with green. Honestly, it's still not my favorite, but it does the job I think.

A little bit about supplies:
  • The "YOSEMITE" is spelled out using these Amy Tangerine Woodgrain Thickers (which you may recognize from my current blog header! Also, I got them from Joann's with a coupon which is MUCH cheaper than the listed price on Amazon). 
  • The little green tab and "Details" sticker is from Sn@p labels, purchased from Michaels.
  • The "Yosemite National Park" is from that random sticker I found in the gift shop. 
  • The trees sticker is cut from these Sandy Lion tree border stickers. 
  • And you see that little "hello" cursive stamp beside the Yosemite title....
It's from this Heidi Swapp stamp pack which I have officially fallen in love with. It's perfect for Project Life. And ended up only being around $6 at Michaels with a coupon. (Sadly couldn't find a link for you. Leave a comment if you know where to find them online!) Be prepared to see more use of these stamps in the near future. :)

Yosemite PL 20

Next up is this gorgeous Yosemite map card I picked up at one of the gift shops. I didn't have exact plans for it when I bought it but I loved it. I didn't want to "mess it up" but punching holes directly in it so I made some little makeshift tabs to put it in the binder. (The pokadot green - it's just patterned cardstock folded in half, attached with scotch tape, and punched with a hole.)

If I had more to say about the trip I would have journaled inside the card but I didn't so I left it blank for now.

Yosemite PL 08

The next insert below is a Becky Higgins Design J insert. I like how it includes 4x4's to break up the whole 4x6 and 3x4 business that's always going on. (If you click on the link you can check out over ten different page protector layouts as well!)

Yosemite PL 09

The yellow paper is back! Even when I'm not using a kit to coordinate (which I never do anyway) I like my pages from one event to have some sort of cohesiveness. My "theme" for the Yosemite trip was black stamps, that yellow paper, and some of that green stripy washi tape I love so much.

The card below was cut from 12x12 scrapbook paper. The Yosemite sticker came from the gift shop and I had a little square frame type stamp that I only inked the corners of so I could embellish the corners of the card.

Yosemite PL 10

I'm a bit proud of the picture below. See the washi tape on the side? Yea...that was my solution for accidentally cropping the picture way too much. Add some coordinating washi tape - problem solved! And to continue the yellow to the bottom of the insert, I stamped one of the Heidi Swapp stamps onto the yellow paper and cut it out, glued it on.

The "be brave and do it" is from one of my current favorite embellishment items, Cosmo Cricket "Just Because" Tiny Text Stickers. I just freaking love them. The "To be creative, one must play" is from "Life Story" sticker pack.

Yosemite PL 11

Here's the back of the insert in it's entirety:

Yosemite PL 12

Yep. Was taking pictures of deer in a field and embarrassingly decided it would be sooo cool to take a selfie with the deer. Journal about it. Document your silliness. Own it.  ("Say Cheese" embellishment is from one of those 4 page MAMBI chip sets you can get from Michaels.)

Yosemite PL 13

OH-EM-GEE! My new favorite thing! Flip Flaps! This one was a 2x2 included in this small mix set by CTMH but you can find similar photo flip pages like this from sn@p! as well.

The yellow 4x4 card is one I made listing the animals Luna picked out on our adventure. I always love doing little lists like this. I especially love the little mix of stamps and handwriting on the tiny animal pictures. Gah! How cute! (Are you allowed to ooh and ahh over your own layouts? I think yes! It's part of the fun! Be proud of what you come up with!)

Yosemite PL 14

Bottom row of the insert. So beautiful. I love Yosemite!

Yosemite PL 15

Next insert: Blog Post! In my PL binder?! Yes...that's right. I already outlined most of the trip in a blog post. What's the point of writing it out again in a journal card? So I copy/pasted, fiddled with the margins/pictures and printed out the blog post on 8.5x11 white cardstock. I think it's kind of neat to include a blog post every now and then.

You can read my post about our Yosemite trip here. On the second page I had blown up and glued in the 8x8 picture of "Then & Now." In one picture I am 8 months pregnant, the next we have Luna at 21.5 months old at almost the same exact spot in front of Lower Yosemite Falls.

Yosemite PL 16

Last page! I love this picture that Mr. 246 captured of Luna and I sitting by one of the streams.

Yosemite PL 17

To embellish I added more Tiny Text Stickers to the bottom corner. Sometimes they're just so perfect...I think I'm addicted.

Yosemite PL 21

Surprisingly, below is my only photo collage I included. I was a bit lazy while editing photos to do more. Plus I didn't have a ton of photos like you would expect me to. We live pretty close to Yosemite and have a year long pass so I'm sure we'll be back.

I embellished with more Tiny Text stickers and some enamel dots like this (can't remember which brand).

Yosemite PL 18

And one final one...I really wanted to use the camera stamp from the Heidi Swapp pack on this picture but I only have black ink and the picture's a bit dark anywhere I would want to stamp it so I lined up a couple pieces of my favorite washi tape and stamped it right on there. A little weird but I like it!

Yosemite PL 19

So, that's it...our Yosemite Trip in PL form. I think it turned out pretty alright. Since it was our first trip of the season I went for a large layout with inserts. I think next time I'll only do a page or so. Thanks for letting me share! I'll end this post with a question....

What's your go to embellishments and/or kits when scrapping a nature-y type outing like this? I'm always in the market for some new fun stuff. Thanks!

-Mrs. 246

Small Print: Amazon Affiliate links used where applicable. I have not been asked to endorse these particular products. They're just products I love and use. Opinions are always entirely my own. Two-Forty-Six will make a very small reimbursement on anything purchased through these links to you know maybe even buy me a cup of coffee! (Or pay off my library fines. Heh.) If you wanna check out more of my favorite items, check out my aStore. I'm still setting up but everything listed are actual items I use and enjoy. Again, a small percentage will go back to Two-Forty-Six...I might be able to upgrade that coffee to a grande. ;)


  1. Ahhh, this is so awesome! I was keeping a list in my head as I was reading of all the things I loved, but then I wasn't able to remember them all because there were too many! However, I love the inserts and the map card and all the lettering! You better believe that I will be buying those stickers too if I ever get to Yosemite! And those stamps are awesome too! I am soooo behind on scrapbooking, but you always inspire me!

    1. It's okay, I'm behind too! My December album? Never finished. My OLW for 2014...stopped in February/March. Maybe if the world decides to give me 3 weeks to complete all the crafting I will finally catch up with everything I want to do. Haha.

      Thank you for the kind words!

  2. So the sad thing is, I always try to comment off of my tablet, and for some reason, they never work. So here I am on my computer just to let you know I love all of your project life stuff. I think the stamping on the washi tape is a really neat idea, I need to try that on some my cards. :)

    1. Awww...thanks for breaking out the computer just to say hello! That means alot. And thank you for the PL comment. I didn't know you did Project Life! I'd love to see some of your stuff sometime! I'm always on the hunt for new Thanks again for stopping by!

  3. To be honest I don;'t know anything at all about scrapping but I totally love everything you've done here. How great will it be to look back on in years to come. Looks like a wonderful trip.

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to break all my binders out in a few years to show my daughter (and me!). I already take out last years sometimes and it's just been so neat to go through them. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I am always on the look out for nature/camping/outdoorsy scrapbooking materials! We go to Yosemite almost annually, and I do scrapbook each trip. You can imagine how challenging it is to keep it all fresh and different! We don't have a 'scrapbook' store near I find myself shopping online ~ which can be a challenge in of itself! If anyone suggestions on where I should look, I am open! Great trip project, btw!! Thanks you for sharing!

  5. I am always on the look out for nature/camping/outdoorsy scrapbooking materials! We go to Yosemite almost annually, and I do scrapbook each trip. You can imagine how challenging it is to keep it all fresh and different! We don't have a 'scrapbook' store near I find myself shopping online ~ which can be a challenge in of itself! If anyone suggestions on where I should look, I am open! Great trip project, btw!! Thanks you for sharing!