Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekly Goals {Week 23}

This past week kicked my butt. I quickly went from focusing on only the really important goals to focusing on surviving through the day/week.

Monday I got sick.
Tuesday I went to work and got sicker.
Wednesday I went to the doctors and got antibiotics. (Hello terrible sinus infection!)
Thursday was spent focusing on surviving while entertaining a child.
Friday I gave up entertaining said child at home and took her to the zoo because it seemed easier.
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I worked.
Battled terrible fatigue all week.

But....I survived. I'm feeling much better. And today I even had some energy back! I may have fallen short on some goals this week and that's definitely okay. I have to do what I need to to stay awesome. And today I was definitely awesome.

Today was the first day I felt mostly normal and I rocked it. Worked 8 hours, picked up Luna, paid the rent, made Luna a snack while I cooked dinner. Took Luna to the gym while I did Zumba. Came home after working out for an hour, heated dinner back up, and was able to have a hot dinner on the table for Ryan who had a late meeting at work day. You win some, you lose some. Today felt like a win for sure. So glad I'm feeling better.

Anyways, let's get to goals...I've got a video game date with Mr. 246 in about half an hour. Haha.

I'm being a bit lenient with this week's review. My goals, my rules. Lol.

1. Plan and do one new activity with Luna. I took Luna to the zoo while sick and exhausted. Totally counting it. Also, MONKEYS!
2. Make dinner twice. (I'm starting smaller this week. Haha.) If by make you mean buying dinner twice...success!
3. Give Mr. 246 quality uninterrupted time to work on his classes. I did this once or twice. He finished his assignments for the week. It must have been quality enough, right?

4. Give myself one "free" night to be lazy and do whatever. No guilt! Big success here! Try a whole week of lazy nights! Wooo! I'm actually doing quite well so far. Haha.
5. Get ready the night before for work. I did this for real and it really helped when I was in zombie mode at 5:30 am.

6. Work out x4. I have to work so much I'm going to be easy on myself. Heh. I got out of bed and that felt like a work out. No? Doesn't count? Oh well.
7. Track steps again. Aim for 9,000 a day. (See...I'm aiming a bit lower this week. Whatever works, right?) I do believe my average step count for last week was 5600. Compare this to averaging around 12000 before the bleh hit me. Oh well. I had 13000 today which actually means I walked twice as much as two average days this past week. Lol. Improvement!
8. Go to bed by 10:30pm on work nights. Oh dear lord yes. It was lovely. Sleep, glorious sleep!

9. Catch up on blogs at least every other day. Yep!
10. Submit projects for HPC. Yep! And I fixed up the Gryffindor Common Room and my classrooms for the new semester that actually started yesterday. (HPC is a "Harry Potter Craftalong" on Crafster and it's pretty dang sweet. Come join us anytime!)
11. Do at least 3 rows on crochet blanket. Didn't even touch it. The only TV I watched this past week was Game of Thrones last night (AHHHH!) and I can't crochet during that show. I'm glued to the screen. Lol.
12.  Write 3 blog posts.  I wrote two. The PL one was long. I'm pretty happy even that got done.

BONUS GOALS: Very funny.

Weekly Goals


1. Write a sentence a day for Luna all week. (I use the Happiness Project Mothers Journal
which is perfect although I write in it very sporadically. I'd like the change that.)
2. Take a nice, relaxing family trip this weekend. Even if it's somewhere small.
3. Do/make a small surprise for Mr. 246 this week. He deserves it after putting up with my horrible attitude while I was sick.

4. Take a bubble bath. Read some books in it. Relax.
5. Write up upcoming schedule for next month or so. (Things are about to get crazy. I'll update you guys soon.)

6. Work out x3. Starting slower in case sickness-fatigue comes back.
7. Track steps again. Aim for 9,000 a day. I can do it!
8. At least 7 hours of sleep each night. This means pre-work bedtime is 10:30pm and non-work bedtime is 1:00am.

9. Catch up on blogs at least every other day.
10. Finish secret freebie project. (You will see soon!)
11. Do at least 3 rows on crochet blanket. (It's almost a joke at this point, but I think I'm going to work on it tonight after video game time. I want to watch the first episode of Cosmos and I think I want to crochet at the same time.)
12.  Write 3 blog posts. (This one counts!)

Woo! I know it's gonna be past midnight on the east coast by the time I post this but: Happy Monday guys! I am overflowing with good vibes today (let's hope it lasts!) and I'll send some your way for a good week! Thanks for stopping by.

-Mrs. 246

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  1. You did so much while being sick! Just taking care of Luna alone while feeling so bad earns you one million gold stars in my book! I am so glad you are feeling better. And a big YES to the bubble bath! I should totally do that too!

    1. I actually thought I did really terrible until I started actually looking through the list and I was surprised I did so much! I like that I had the "Weekly Goals" to reflect to realize that. You should take a bubble bath! It was hilarious when I was late into my pregnancy...I had to stop because I was just too roly-poly to be in a normal sized bath. It was hilarious. I might've even needed help getting out at one point. Lol.