Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekly Goals {Week 26}

Week 26?! You know what that means? It means this year is half over. I have mixed feelings about this. I'm happy because it's closer to fall and Christmastime and warm coziness and crocheting. I'm also a little anxious because -- "Holy crap! Didn't this year just start not too long ago? Where is time going?" Maybe you feel the same?
I did alright this week considering I didn't feel like doing much of anything. I don't have much to say either. I'm just trying to truck along and do things the best I can. That's all we can really do, isn't it?


1. Plan a fun Thursday with Luna when I'm home from work. Check! Storytime, playing at the park, a nice lunch together, and a little shopping in the afternoon. :)
2. Electronics-free hour and a half each night. Erm. I suppose playing Mariokart while Luna's still awake is kind of a fail on this one.
3. Make reservations for Mr. 246's and I's first night away from Luna.We don't get to do what I originally wanted to do but we made alternate plans so I'm counting it.
4. Make lists and plan, plan, plan for Ohio trip (15 days!) so then next week I can actually get ready. Eh, fuck it. We'll wing it. Hehe.

5. Use planner all week. Schedule and stay on top of things. I'm making the switch to my phone because it's something I always look at and take with me everywhere. We'll see how that goes. I also got Evernote. Yes, I realize it's been around forever but I never really paid attention to it until now. I think I'm going to like it!
6. Read something calming and inspirational before bed every night. If the second Game of Thrones book calms me down and helps me get ready to sleep it counts, right? My goals, my rules. I'm counting it. Lol.

7. Work out x4. Zumba Tuesday - Friday. Go me! I think I'll do the same this week. I like those classes the best.
8. 9500 steps/day goal. 9138 steps/day average. Seriously? I was that close. I blame yesterday. I did lots of scrapbooking and not so much moving.
9. At least 7 hours of sleep each night. Give or take a couple minutes, yes! Most work nights I even went to bed early.
10. Track food. Hahahahano.

11. Catch up on blogs at least every other day. Yes, maybe didn't comment as much, but I read!
12. Do at least 2 more full rows on crochet blanket border. It's fiiiinnnnnished! And I took pictures today so expect a post soon!
13.  Write 2 blog posts. (This one counts!) Sometimes in life you have to do what makes you happy. And when you've only got an hour or two in the evening to actually get personal stuff done sometimes you just have to do what you feel like doing. And I didn't feel like writing blog posts. I felt like playing Mariokart and going to sleep early. So be it. (Half points!)
14. Check in/catch up for the Harry Potter Craftalong. I caught up with logging points and what not. Now I just have to post the projects I've been doing.


Weekly Goals


1. (Motherhood) Practice more patience in the evening. If I have no patience, don't be afraid to use my words and tell Mr. 246 I'm taking a break.
2. (Family) Take more pictures! I'm slacking on work days.
3. (Marriage) Get all prettied up and have a fun date night on Saturday.

4. Keep organized: input need-to-know things on my phone, get ready the night before, keep things orderly.
5. Here's a weird one - look in the mirror more often. This isn't like a weird self esteem thing. I don't not like how I look or anything...I just don't really care any more. Now that I'm older it's like I'm confident enough in myself that I don't need to make sure I look a certain way. Here's the issue with not looking in the mirror - you don't notice you have food in your teeth, or a spill on your shirt, or your hair is getting crazy, or your makeup is smearing. These are essential situations I should probably fix. Soooo....goal for this week is to give myself a good look in the mirror everytime I go to the bathroom. Lol. Yes, even at work when I'm crazy busy (and I'm lucky I even get a bathroom break.)

6. Work out x4.
8. 9500 steps/day goal.
9. Eat only when hungry and only until I'm full. (This is my solution at the moment if I'm not going to buckle down and track calories.)

10. Finish secret project.
11. Catch up on blogs at least every other day.
12. Send out blanket.
13.  Write 2 blog posts. (This one counts!)
14. Submit assignments on the HP Craftalong.

I've got work for the next 3 days, then we're going out of town Saturday for our date, then next Monday it's OHIO time! Woooo! If I don't accomplish my goals this week I won't be disappointed. I'll just be happy if I manage to pack everything.

Also, I know I normally post these on Mondays and it's now Tuesday. I hope your Monday went well and the rest of your week goes well too!

- Mrs. 246


  1. Good for you for doing what you need to do for yourself! I had a very blah couple of days this week and told Eric that I wasn't feeling good about myself. "I'm just tired and hungry all the time!" I complained. And then he reminded me that I'm pregnant and should probably not be so hard on myself. I continue to be amazed at the amount of stuff you get done in so many areas of your life, especially with work and Luna! Hope it has been a great week so far!

    1. I say non stop sleeping and eating until you are full and rested! Lol. Your body is making a whole other person and that's a lot of hard work...and pretty freaking amazing. As for my progress this week, I may have skipped Zumba and took a nap and ate lots of garlic bread instead, but I worked on some PL so I got that going for me. Lol.