Friday, June 13, 2014

6 Awesome Things About Today

1. This conversation at work:
Resident: Do you have a computer at home?
Me: Yes...?
Resident: When you get home go to
Me: [What the heck?!] ...oh? What's on that site? 
Resident: Me! They've got cameras hidden in the sprinklers. They're filming us right now.
2. Coming home to box sitting in my chair and finding out Mr. 246 bought me a new computer! My old laptop has been showing signs of impending death within the next couple months. I've been killing it with pictures and editing and videos and streaming. My 3 year old Black Friday Wal-Mart special wasn't gonna cut it anymore. I seriously have the best husband ever!

3. Luna can spell her name! I had Ryan helping her "sign" her name on the Father's Day cards we were sending out and he started to spell her name out loud and she finished spelling it! Mr. 246 and I looked at each other immediately and were like, "Is this really happening?! Did our child just spell her name?!" I quickly got out the camera to see if she would do it again and she did!

4. Getting sandwiches and having an impromptu picnic in the park for dinner. Luna played on the playground, we ate. Perfect weather. Delicious sandwiches. Awesomeness.

5. Only 17 days until we leave for OHIO! We're going to visit Mr. 246's family the first week and July and I am pumped! Also only 18 days until Luna turns two. I keep going between thinking, "How is she that old already?" and "She's only turning two?" It's hard to remember life before Luna. It doesn't matter I suppose. It's better with her here. :)

6. Ryan is kicking butt at grad school. I was so proud when he showed me feedback from his last paper. 

I hope you're all well. I've been trying to stay positive and calm and organized in this transition back to full time. I've been reading my go-to feel good book. I'd say it's been helping. Looking at the positive. I might even jump on this #100days bandwagon soon. What's been awesome in your life lately? 

-Mrs. 246

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  1. That is so much awesome! Can't believe Luna can do that already! Genius baby:) My awesome is that I have only one more strip to sew on the quilt top, and we're going on a quick little trip for our anniversary this weekend: hurray! Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!

    1. I couldn't believe Luna could do it either. I looked around so quick! I was so surprised. Genius baby, indeed. Lol.Hope you and Eric have a good/fun trip! Maybe this whole working full time will give me enough money so we can go on a trip. Lol.