Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekly Goals {Week 24}

Alright, here's my a couple days I'll be going back to work full time. It's hopefully temporary. My boss asked me (again) if I would work full time even though she knows I don't want to. Then she tempted me by saying, "How about just for a month? If you don't like it, you won't have to stay." I agreed, but really just thought, "Hey, if I work for a month or so I can rack up some money quick then go back to full time." After I agreed, however, I hope they won't try to pull anything on me if/when I decide to go back to part time. Oh please don't let this be the case.

Working full time makes me nutty. And miserable. It's fine if I don't want to do anything. We cut it (finacially) very close while I work part-time but it gives us a life, you know? What's the point in making all that money if all I'm doing to working to live? Work, eat, chores, sleep, repeat. There's no time for relaxing, hanging out properly, having a hobby. I'm such an introvert I need a ridiculous amount of "recharging" from the real world.

I suppose it would be different if nursing were my passion but it really isn't. One day I hope to have a career in a field I'm passionate about but this is not the time while Mr. 246 is still in grad school. I'm just grateful to have chosen a temporary career that allows me to make decent money not working all the time. (Honestly, that may have been a key factor in choosing nursing.) I'm pretty alright at my job and I love my residents and find myself more compassionate at work than others who have chosen this field but it just isn't for me.

Anyways, this post is about goals, right? I did one goal better than last week and hopefully this upcoming week I will do even better than that. Let's review:


1. Write a sentence a day for Luna all week. Check!
2. Take a nice, relaxing family trip this weekend. Even if it's somewhere small. I didn't properly plan to go do a real day trip but we did go to the zoo on Saturday!
3. Do/make a small surprise for Mr. 246 this week. He deserves it after putting up with my horrible attitude while I was sick. This was an embarrassingly easy goal and I didn't complete it. (Truthfully I forgot about it, but sadly that really shouldn't be an excuse not to do something extra special for your husband.) I was nicer this week...that should count-ish, right?

4. Take a bubble bath. Read some books in it. Relax. No bubble bath but I did something equally relaxing...I started watching Orange is the New Black this week. Haha. Totally counting it as my relaxing activity.
5. Write up upcoming schedule for next month or so. I had a couple days of planner freakout. Nothing was how I wanted it to be and it still isn't so I sucked it up and starting using the planner I already had for the meantime. But anyway...yes - next month is planned! (I even went overboard and did a blogging schedule, cleaning schedule, and color coded a bit of things. Woo!)

6. Work out x3. Starting slower in case sickness-fatigue comes back. Check!
7. Track steps again. Aim for 9,000 a day. I can do it! Not so much. Averaged 7346/day which isn't so bad with some really lazy days thrown in.
8. At least 7 hours of sleep each night. This means pre-work bedtime is 10:30pm and non-work bedtime is 1:00am. I did alright on my work nights. Not so much on my nights off. It didn't help that Luna decided she now wakes up at 7:15 instead of 9:00.

9. Catch up on blogs at least every other day. Check!
10. Finish secret freebie project. Yes! Printable Calendars for Project Life can be found here!
11. Do at least 3 rows on crochet blanket.Yes! I did MORE than 3 rows even. Not too much longer and I'll be on to the border.
12.  Write 3 blog posts. (This one counts!) Check!

Weekly Goals


1. Do a craft session with Luna.
2. Keep household running, stick to new cleaning schedule, prepare for going back to work full time.
3. Do/make a small surprise for Mr. 246 this week. (Take two since I failed last week. Oops.)

4. Use planner all week. Schedule and stay on top of things.
5. Take breaks when I need to.

6. Work out x4. C'mon! I can do it!
7. Track steps again. Aim for 9,000 a day...if I work out like I'm supposed to this should be easy-peasy.
8. At least 7 hours of sleep each night. This means pre-work bedtime is 10:30pm and non-work bedtime is 1:00am. (I'm gonna stick to this goal again this week and maybe actually do it. We shall see!)
9. No fast food/going out to eat all week. We're going to try to not eat out until we go to Ohio. Wish us luck.

10. Catch up on blogs at least every other day.
11. Finish watercolor project!
12. Finish crochet blanket except for the border.
13.  Write 3 blog posts. (This one counts!)
14. Check in/catch up for the Harry Potter Craftalong.

I still have couple days before I "go full time." I hope these goals aren't too ambitious. I also hope once I work more my blogging won't suffer too horribly. I've been enjoying myself lately. I'll give you guys the heads up if it decides to go that way. I'm trying to stick to my organization to give myself a fighting chance to get everything I want to get done, done. Wish me luck! I hope we all have a good, sunny week! Happy Monday!

-Mrs. 246


  1. Ah, I hope the month flies by! I totally understand your hesitation. When I was working full time (with a good bit of overtime), so many things fell by the wayside. But, on the bright side, I was able to put away a little nest egg for the baby. I would just keep reminding myself that it was temporary. And if they try to make you stay on full-time after this month...just tell them you have a pregnant lady to sic on them! :)

    1. This makes me feel a bit better...glad I'm not the only one who doesn't love full time. I think I will do it for 2-3 months just to build up some money. I've made myself a cleaning schedule and am making sure I use my planner so hopefully life doesn't get away from me too much. And yes, I'll send you at them if they try to pull something on me! You won't be a pregnant lady by then,'ll be mama!! :D