Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Quick Father's Day Mini Book

I made this a couple days before Father's Day on a whim. Strapped for time I just bought Mr. 246 some things I knew he wanted. (Erm....more Skylanders) I had to work Father's Day Weekend and the couple days before it so I knew I wouldn't quite have time to do anything super nice for him. On my last day off, however, I got struck by the intense urge to make him a mini book. Nothing super fancy, just a cute little keepsake.

The super quick mish-mash throw-it-together process:
  • While Luna was still up I super quickly cut up some 4x4 scraps of card stock and had Luna decorate one side with stickers.
  • I quickly looked through pictures and printed them out. On regular paper. Didn't feel like fiddling with photo paper and I was out of white cardstock. (Plus I had to get them printed before naptime - the printer is in Luna's room.)
  • Added pictures to each of the pages and the front.
  • Looked through random scrapbooking scraps and added embellishments. I wasn't taking much time on this so I'll admit - I didn't use any of the "good stuff." The goal was to get it done in a little under an hour not make some fancy, elaborate professional looking scrapbook. Used: Random 3x4 PL cards/frames, washi tape, fine tip Sharpies. 
  • Punched holes in the pages, hooked them together...
  • BOOM! Done! No fuss, no muss.

Here's a look at all the pages/what's inside:
(P.S. Sorry for the random picture sizing....I wanted them big enough to see then I started having sizing issues then I gave up. It happens.)

I did manage a couple spare moments with Luna in the days leading up to Father's Day so there are a couple random pages thrown in. Yes, even the embarrsingly quick and not very good pictures of  cats and "dog" Luna wanted me to draw when we were coloring with markers. 

The main purpose of this book wasn't perfection. It was making something with Luna that she could give to her Daddy. And I'll have you know....she is obsessed with her "Daddy Book!" It was the first thing she asked for yesterday morning. "Daddy book! Daddy book!" She loves looking through it and picking out all the pictures of her and daddy. Mr. 246 likes it pretty well too.  ;)

Whenever I see mini books online I think they are just fabulous but I always get such an urge to touch them, to hold them. They're an awesome size and there's all sorts of bits of paper and decoration peeking out and I was pretty pleased just holding this little one.

I almost didn't share this because it's so thrown together but I aim to be a realistic scrapper and memory keeper. Not everything has to be picture perfect or fabulous. Years from now you'll just be glad you have it because they're your memories. Don't let everyone's perfect looking projects stop you from making your own. [end random pep talk tangent]

Thanks for looking! 

-Mrs. 246

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  1. This is so sweet! I have never made a mini-book, but it looks so awesome! Also, can't believe it is almost Luna's birthday!

    1. I've never made a mini book either but I've been feeling the urge so I had to make a tiny one to get some of it out of my system. Lol. I've already started a new one for a top secret project. Haha!