Monday, June 9, 2014

Project Life Catch Up: April 14 - 28!

April 14 -26 Layout

I'm still chugging along trying to catch up to present day (again). I finished this layout last weekend and it shows April 14 -26. (Roughly week 16-17.) It's very Luna-centric because when we don't have much going on Luna's really the only thing we photograph.  Haha.

April 13-14

This page is actually the back half of my Yosemite layout from April 13th so I had a 12x6 area to fill. I decided it would be cute to highlight our sidewalk chalk art from 4/14. Let's be's pretty sweet. Haha. I hadn't done sidewalk chalk in forever and it was way too much fun. Luna was kind of into it. She kept asking me to draw turtles then decided it would be more fun to play cars outside. I, on the other hand, totally went for it.

Rainbows and Clouds 

Nothing too special about the sidewalk chalk bits. I found these cute little stickers at Target that had rainbows and clouds which I decided would be perfect for my rainbow/clouds masterpiece. 

I feel like these kind of stickers aren't really "in" for scrapbooking right now but I say "Pssh!" Use what you like! It's your scrapbook. I think I'd drive myself insane if I tried to make some of those pages I see. They are gorgeous but they're just not me. It's not going to be fun until you stay true to your own style.

Luna Tinkled!

As for this section...I LOVE it. Even more so because this picture was taken after Luna used the potty for the first time!!! I never really do split pocket type layouts but I loved how this turned out.
  • The "One Sweet Moment" is from one of the me & my big ideas pocket card sets, I just don't recall which one.
  • The chevron card is from Becky Higgins 5th and Frolic Core Set.
  • The "medal" was actually a pretty ugly flower embellishment that I added the "i did it!" circle on and glued some scrap ribbons on the back. It might just be my favorite part! And yes, it's on top of the pocket and not in it.
  • And the typing?! Well folks, that's on my new typewriter! More about that on a later day but if you look through my Instagram Feed you can catch a sneak peek! (And feel free to add me, I've been really enjoying IG lately.)

Ribbon Close Up

Just a close up of the awesome flower/medal thing. I'm really quite pleased at how it came together. Now for the second page...

Luna on the Swings

Isn't this page more matchy-matchy than you're used to from me? I kind of like it! Lots of purple/blue inspired by blue eyes and a purple dress.

Luna Apple Video card

I used the same purple (and yellow) washi tape on all the pictures from this "session" to kind of tie it all together. The card above is actually kind of plain but all the elements come together pretty well I think! The card is from the 5th and Frolic set and I made the QR code for the video at this website.

If you choose to scan it and watch's a minute or so long video of Luna eating an apple. It was such a peaceful moment and I'm so scared that I'll forget tiny little details like how cute she is eating an enormous apple I just want to include everything!

Watch Luna Swing

More pictures from the park and another (pretty cute!) video of Luna on the swing. So cute.

Luna Swinging

Here's the last couple pictures from this portion. Washi tape is my friend. I have alot-ish. (I've seen much bigger stashes.) I just like how easy and cheap it is to add a bit of color/pattern and to "tie" groups of pictures together. My collection doubled in size when I bought the Memory Keepers Washi Tape Set. I like how it has pretty much ALL the basic colors in two different sizes/patterns so it's perfect if you like washi tape but don't have many projects where you can break out your kitty cat washi tape.

Flip Pages

And for the end little bit...a flip page! I only had a couple pictures left I wanted to include in before I did our Easter (we did it later in the month since I was working on actual Easter) and the last of the month so a flip pocket was perfect.

I already have those pictures printed out so I'm ahead of the game...just have to finish it!

Has anyone did their Easter pages yet? Leave a link because I'd love to see them and steal all your ideas before I put my layout together. ;)

Thanks for looking!

- Mrs. 246

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  1. Adorable layout and alot of TLC. I tried to subscribe/connect to your sidebar entry but it's just too difficult. I will just pop in from time to time.

  2. I love these pages, especially that big picture of the sidewalk chalk! I totally agree with you--you have to use what you like. I am mostly too cheap to buy anything that isn't on clearance, so a lot of my stuff is kind of dated. But I love finding ways to make it work for me!

    1. Yea...I buy alot of clearance too. Or only buy if I have a coupon at Michael's/Joann's. Sometimes I sit in envy of some crafter's awesome supplies then I think about how much they must have spent and I'm like...Eh, my stuff's not so bad. Lol. We just have to get a bit more creative with our supplies. ;)