Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekly Goals {Week 21}

Alright, "Weekly Goals" is BACK! And it's definitely the kick in the butt I'm going to need to get myself into gear again. If you read my "Case of the Bleh" post you'll know I took a little break because I wasn't quite in the right mindset to do anything. I'm trying to get back to baseline and what better way to do it than to hold myself accountable to my goals?

First, let's take a look at how I did on the last set of goals I set way back on April 28: 
WEEK 21 GOAL Picture


1. One quality date night. Done! Our together activity may have been Skylanders...such fun!
2. Clean the master bathroom. A very thorough hardcore clean is much needed and I've been putting it off. I'm putting it under "family" because I'm pretty sure everyone will benefit.
3. Find one new activity to do with Luna this week. We gave Perler beads a try. Luna is really good with her fine motor skills. I realize she's not two yet but I figured we'd give it a try. She was able to put the beads on there and did for a while but then decided a short cut would be to take small handfuls of beads and pour them over the tray. We then moved onto lunchtime and a nap. I may or may not have spent her naptime playing with Perler beads.


4. Read a little bit of something inspiring every day. Done! A combination of books and MyFitnessPal success boards.
5. Plan my days out in advance. Done for the most part.
6. More of a to-do list item but it must be done since I am now completely out of birth control (which is making me very fatigued and just "off" in general): Make doctor's appointment so I may have a refill!Ugh. I was supposed to do this today during naptime but I forgot. The difference of my hormones is making me a little lazy and a little moody. Whatever's in those pills...I need it back.

7. Weight lift at least twice. Done! I'm planning on trying to lift at least twice a week from now on so I'm not just doing cardio.
8. Go to a yoga class. I didn't make it. I would have went earlier in the week had I known I wouldn't have been able to go Friday night. There's always this week!
9. Track food everyday. Even if I "mess up" I need to track it. Done! Knowing that I'm going to track my food makes me watch my food a bit more even if I am going over my goal.
10. 8 glasses of water a day! Done!
11. Log 41 miles this week. 37.63. Didn't make it. I probably would have but I didn't make my mileage goal the past two days. I've felt a little overwhelmed if I didn't get my walking in earlier in the day and if I had a lot left to do at night I found myself getting upset that I had to go do stuff when i didn't want to. I decided to say "Screw it!" and just not do it. These aren't laws I'm following. I can give myself a break. Lol.


12. Catch up on blogs at least every other day. Done!
13. Update HP classes on HPC.
Didn't really comment on anything, but classes have been updated!
14. Submit projects for HPC.
15. Submit at least one assignment for HogwartsIsHere.
I am loving HiH!
16. Take more pictures.
17. Edit at least some PL photos.
Done, but not much.
18. Do at least 4 inches of crochet blanket. One movie or so later...4 inches done!

*These goals were from April 28. I took a little break from weekly goals for a while.


Weekly Goals



1. One quality date night.
2. Make dinner at least three times. (Mr. 246 is back in school for the new semester so I've got to help out a lot more in the cooking department.)
3. Minimize extra spending. I'm putting this under family because finances affect us all. Since I'm only working part time I still have to watch myself so I can contribute enough. I've needed to save more lately so I'm making it an official goal this week.
4. Take more pictures and videos! I always take pictures, but lately not enough. And I really want to try taking more videos. (Let's be honest, I just want to include more QR code links in my PL layouts. Lol.)

5. Savor, enjoy, and finish the new Artful Blogging issue.
6. Plan my days out in advance.
7. Take a moment before reacting to certain situations. Mind my emotional responses.
8. Take a break to do whatever I want if I need to. Even if it's not what I had planned on.

9. Work out x 5. (Maybe Zumba 3x, and running/weight lifting 2x)
10. Track steps again. Aim for 10,000 a day.
11. Track food at least 5 days.
12. Go to bed by 10:30pm on work nights.

13. Catch up on blogs at least every other day.
14. Submit projects for HPC.
15. Submit at least one assignment for HogwartsIsHere.
16. Finish PL pages up through April 13.
17. Finish main part of crochet blanket. (Wish me luck here! I haven't been watching nearly enough television to complete it. Lol.)
18. Write 3 blog posts. (This one counts!)

"Hey, I've been feeling kind of crappy and unmotivated lately. I'm kind of getting back on track...perhaps I should make 18 in-depth goals for this week. It'll feel totally great when I don't even complete half of them by the end of the week. (*note sarcasm*)" Hahaha. That was my immediate thought when I finished writing this list just now. But the good part about feeling kind of bleh? If I don't do well, I'm in the kind of mindset of: "Heh. Who cares?" And I'm really not one to beat myself up over things.

So....forward march! Let me hope to conquer this week with my previous self's stamina, motivation, and good cheer! I wish the same to the rest of you! Happy Monday! Go forth and conquer!

-Mrs. 246


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  2. You are so inspiring! I hope the hormonal stuff gets back to normal soon--so frustrating! And yet you are still getting so much done in the meantime! I can't believe how many miles you walk per week! I am trying to walk at least about 4 miles per day, and I have the same conundrum--it takes a bunch of time! I am probably way slower than you! But still, if the weather doesn't cooperate, it's hard to stick to it. And.....I need to clean the bathrooms too! I would say that I never ever achieve all the goals I set for myself, whether it's for a week, a month, or a year, but I still find them to be a positive thing in my life. They point me in directions I might not reach for another week, month, or year, but there's something powerful about making a conscious decision about how I want to spend my time. Even if I am slow as a turtle! I see it as a nurturing thing for myself. And I hope it is for you too! :)

  3. Also, I forgot to say, please don't stress or worry about the blanket at all! He will love it just as much even if it takes 2 years to finish:)